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Indian intelligence agencies claim ‘Pakistan in nuclear trade with North Korea’

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  • Post last modified:24/06/2016
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NEW DELHI: According to Indian media, Indian intelligence agencies have started to track the nuclear trade between Pakistan and North Korea with the help of global spy agencies.

India Today reported that Indian intelligence have got active after they received information that Pakistan was supplying nuclear missile materials to North Korea through the sea route using cargo ships.

“Pakistan Energy Commission (PAEC) have been continuing to supply restricted items such as ‘Monel’ and ‘Inconel’ material to North Korea in violation of UN sanctions,” claimed Indian intelligence agencies.

The intelligence agencies also claimed that Pakistan had not informed its neighbouring country China about transporting the nuclear trade with North Korea.

On the other side, the American spy agency CIA claimed that Pakistan continued to sell nuclear materials to North Korea at a time when Islamabad had been urging the international community to accept its membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

The reports said that China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) recently received a written complaint that supplies of a Beijing Suntech Technology Company Limited, to Pakistan were being diverted to North Korea by the Pakistani authorities and PAEC.

The agencies said that the information leaked out of North Korea and came to the knowledge of western governments who are members of the NSG.