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An American hunts Ibex using bow and arrow

CHITRAL: For the first time in recent known history an Ibex (Markhor) has been hunted by means of traditional bow and arrow, here on Friday (25th Dec., 2020).

According to details, Joseph Bradford (a US citizen) has paid over one crore and seventy lac rupees  in order to kill the majestic beast carrying 40″ horns on its head.

It is pertinent to mention here that 80% of the hunting fee is supposed to be given to the members of the local community.

Authorities, advocating an increase in the number of hunting trophy permits, claim that the number of Ibex in the region of Chitral and Kohistan augmented from 1000 to 5000 in recent years despite selling of licenses to kill.

Since 2015 Ibex appears in the Red List of IUCN as Near Threatened but the Govt here says that fee collected by hunting permits is utilised to conserve the animal’s species.



Sana Mehmood

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