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2371 illegal immigrants deported

KARACHI: Sindh Caretaker Minister for Home and Prison Brigadier (R) Haris Nawaz has said that a total of 2371 illegal immigrants, including 1700 Afghanis, have been deported so far.

Speaking to journalists at a Presser along with Sindh Caretaker Minister for Law, Religious Affairs, and Human Rights, Omar Soomro, at Karachi Press Club (KPC), he said that the action of deporting illegal immigrants was being taken indiscriminately.

He clarified the perception that the action was not being taken only against illegal Afghani immigrants.

It was being taken against all citizens of the world living illegally in the province.

Nawaz said that the crackdowns were being carried out across the country against illegal immigrants, and it was a unanimous policy, which the Sindh province was also adhering to.

He further said that due course was being followed in the deportation process.

He said that 1218 cases of illegal immigrants were pending in jails in the province.

The Home Minister said that illegal immigrants lived more in KP and Balochistan than in Sindh province.

The Home Minister linked the peace in the city to the deportation of illegal immigrants.

He said that they were trying to make Karachi a crime-free city.

Nawaz said that they were also cracking down against the drug peddlers, who were selling drugs in educational institutions.

Replying to a question regarding the operation against dacoits in the Kacha areas of the province, he said that the operation in the Kacha and Pakka areas of the province was being carried out simultaneously.

Nawaz said that they were trying to break the network of criminals slowly and gradually. He also expressed his doubt about the presence of TTP.

Replying to a question, he clarified that the police party was released without any ransom from the area of a kacha.

He said that criminals could not escape.

He said that they were also taking action against illegal oil and diesel smugglers.

Replying to another question, the Home Minister said that he visited the Jalbani Village to offer his condolences.

He said that there was an important target over there.

He said that he did not want to talk more about that matter, as an inquiry was underway to this effect.

Answering to a question on the Ranipur incident, he said that the DNA report had been received, which was negative.

He said that Hina Shah, Asad Shah, and Fayyaz Shah were arrested after their nomination.

Sindh Caretaker Minister for Law, Religious Affairs, and Human Rights, Omar Soomro said that the illegal immigrants were being repatriated as per international law.