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PDM threw IK out of parliament: Fazl

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OHISTAN: Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) President Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman while rebuffing the Imran Khan’s claim of a foreign conspiracy against his government, said he was thrown out from the government by the PDM by a constitutional way.

The JUI-F chief was addressing a public gathering at Kohistan on Sunday. He further said that soon after the PTI-led government came into power through a fake mandate in 2018, political and economic instability started prevailing in the country, due to which masses lost their confidence in parliament, government and institutions.

The PTI government promoted the politics of victimization and sent opposing politicians to jail by lodging fabricated cases against them, he added.

Maulana said, “We have not just thrown the PTI-led government out but in fact saved the country. Imran Khan created political and economic instability in the country and tried to create a divide in our forces, he added.

JUI-F chief said that Imran Khan, contrary to his claims, failed to gather millions of people in his public gathering. He had also announced to jam Islamabad but he failed as people rejected his call; only a few thousand people attended his public gathering and many of them were government servants from KP and Punjab, said Maulana.

He said after the purported attack, Imran Khan had installed bulletproof glass not only on his container but also at his residence. On the other hand, Maulana said, “I escaped three suicide attacks and still addressing public gatherings in the open without any extra security measures.”

The PDM chief said Imran Khan had been using NAB to harass politicians and put them behind bars while under a one-word manifesto, he called every politician a thief.

The current government was not victimizing the PTI leadership, he said, adding that “if we wanted to take revenge on Imran Khan, we would not have amended the controversial NAB laws.

” Instead, we have removed all rules against human rights so that such draconian laws could not be used against any politician, including Imran Khan,” the JUI-F chief added.


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