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9/May Carnage: 16 protesters handed over to Military

LAHORE: On its request u/s 549(3) Cr.P.C, Thursday (25th of May, 2023) ATC Judge Abher Gul Khan has directed the Lahore Jail SP to handover 16 protesters involved in 9/May Jinnah House ransacking to Military to be tried under the army laws.

Following 16 accused had been booked in two cases triable exclusively by a military court:

01) Ex-PTI MPA Mian Muhammad Akram Usman,

02) Amar Zohaib,

03) Ali Iftikhar,

04) Ali Raza,

05) Hassan Shakir,

06) Muhammad Umair,

07) Muhammad Raheem,

08) Muhammad Arsalan,

09) Raees Ahmad,

10) Faisal Irshad,

11) Muhammad Bilal Hussain,

12) Faheem Haider,

13) Arzam Junaid,

14) Muhammad Hashir Khan,

15) Waqas Ali,

16) Zia-ur-Rehman.

Sana Mehmood

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