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A Painting for Italian Consulate

KARACHI: Barrister/Artist Sara Asim Khan presented a painting (30″ x 48″ on canvas – mixed media with acrylics) to the Italian Consulate General, Karachi (Pakistan) manifesting the close ties between two countries. 

Talking exclusively to NewsPakistan.TV she said: “My name is Barrister Sara Asim Khan. I am a lawyer by profession, although I am also a self-taught artist.

I have created this painting for the Consulate General of Italy in Karachi to show friendship between Pakistan and Italy.

For Italy I have created the Colossus Man in the Apennine Mountain Range with the Flag of Italy, the Colosseum in Rome and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In the middle you can see I have done the colors of the two flags.

I have merged them together to show solidarity between the two countries. And you can see the moon and star of the Pakistani flag on the top of Vitruvian Man to show a unity between the two countries as well.

Vitruvian Man (a famous drawing by Italian Artist Leonardo da Vinci) has a scientific significance because it represents the connection between man and nature.

For Pakistan I have created K2 (the second highest mountain peak in the world), Merewether Clock tower and Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam in Karachi.

Sara Qureshi, a scientist from Pakistan, who had invented an eco-friendly airplane which you can see over here (in the painting) surrounded by plantation.

I have done historical sites and art and scientific inventions from the two countries. Also in the background you can see I have done lily which is the national flower of Italy. I have done Jasmine, which is the National Flower of Pakistan.

And I have merged all together in the background again for the same purpose of showing solidarity, friendship and unity between the two nations”. | YouTube Channel

M M Alam

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