You are currently viewing A2Z with G M Jamali: Indian Trillionaire commits UAE’s biggest fraud 

A2Z with G M Jamali: Indian Trillionaire commits UAE’s biggest fraud 

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KARACHI: Assalam Alaikum viewers, I am G M Jamali and you are watching Country’s Largest Digital Media Outlet News Pakistan’s program A2Z.

Today I am here to tell the over 1.5 billion Hindustanis the shocking story of Bavaguthu Raghuram Shetty – the Indian trillionare businessman, presently on the run after committing the biggest fraud in UAE’s history. Generally known as B.R. Shetty this notorious trillionare is not only a friend of Indian PM Narendra Modi but also the biggest financier of the country’s Anti-Muslim Kashmir Policy. He is also believed to be the  clandestine mastermind of the Muslim genocide.

These days this Indian tycoon is facing the God’s wrath.  He had acquired loans worth three billion US dollars from UAE banks by means of forged documents, sham companies and fake bank accounts. When he had devoured up a billion dollars, on 15th April 2020 Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank filed a  criminal case against him and on 27th of April 2020 Central Bank of UAE had frozen all  his assets, accounts, even the assets of his family in UAE.

All the companies of B. R. Shetty had been black listed. Overnight the 77-year-old B. R. Shetty tumbled down from the zenith of fame and fortune. Friend of Modi had been swindling the Arab Rulers. This is the same B. R. Shetty who had founded UAE’s biggest hospital (NMC Health), UAE’s first Remittance Company and UAE’s Exchange back in 1980. After committing billions of dollars worth of fraud B. R. Shetty, using his brother’s illness as an excuse, bolted from UAE. The malade passed away, but the schemer B. R. Shetty, losing all the goodwill in USE, is forced to hole-up in Bharat.

Banks all over the world are looking for him while Shetty is hiding in the lap of Modi. By means of lame excuses he is claiming the he had not committed any fraud but himself was a victim; fabricated bank accounts and forged signature had been used to trap him. The matter of fact is that these are nothing but crocodile tears and he is being punished for the genocide of unarmed Muslims.

Via this program I want to warn the 1.5 billion Hindustanis to beware of the rulers and their facilitators. At last the cruel inevitably gets destroyed. Today, B. R. Shetty, the financier of the atrocities in Kashmir is himself the prey of nature’s fury. Sooner or later Modi, RSS and BJP hooligans will be targeted one after other.

According to Arabian Business reports NMC Health and B. R. Shetty are facing five different cases. Shetty had resigned as MD of NMC’s BoD. The Central Bank of UAE, had frozen all the transactions by UAE Exchange, that is owned by him. One after other, it is transpiring that  all the assets (that were previously thought to be his properties) are illegal.

Just a few months ago B. R. Shetty owned two floors of the world’s highest edifice Burj Khalifa and innumerable villas in the costliest locales of Dubai. In 2015 Forbes proclaimed him one of the India’s 100 richest people. He progressed to the extent that by 2020 he was reckoned as world’s 22nd richest person. But unanticipated happened as disgraced B. R. Shetty was expunged from the Forbes list due to financial corruption.

Those were the days when NMC Health, not only in Abu Dhabi but in GCC countries was the first company that was listed in the London Stock Exchange. But now FTSE, and British Business Index Company like Hundred Index had crossed him out of system.

Modi’s facilitator in 2014, unsympathetic towards the freedom fighters of Kashmir, B. R. Shetty had extended his Exchange Company Travelex to the extent that at one point it was operating in 27 countries worldwide having 1500 outlets and 1300 ATMs.

In 70s B. R. Shetty reached UAE as a common Medical Rep. But suddenly his modest setup harboring a single doctor (his wife Chandrakumari Shetty) progressed by leaps and bounds and presently it was catering to four  million patients per annum at its 45 branches in a dozen cities of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Oman, Spain Denmark, Colombia and Brazil.

By now B. R. Shetty had became a big investor in Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Food and Beverages and Real Estate Sectors as well. In June, 2016 B. R. Shetty had announced to build the first Medical University of Abu Dhabi in reorganization of the services of Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

In the very year he had also announced to build a majestic 400-bed hospital in a village of his ancestral city Bangalore. He had already established his hospitals in Alexandria, Nepal and Cairo. Before the misfortune struck him, lucky Shetty, employing diabolic mentality, had released a five billion Health Fund for Bharat in 2019.

In 2005 he was bestowed upon with the highest Civil Award of UAE. Republic of India too had awarded Pravasi Bharatiya Samman (Overseas Indian Honor/Award) and Padma Shri (country’s fourth-highest civilian award) to him. Probably Bharat will not strip him of the awards, it is to be seen when UAE will take its laurels back from him the way Forbes struck him out of its list of billionaires due to his financial frauds.

Viewers, like many corrupt entrepreneurs all over the world B. R. Shetty too turned from hero to zero. The objective of narrating his chronicle was to point towards atrocities of Modi Government in occupied Kashmir, murdering of innocent unarmed civilians by unprovoked firing along the Loc. According to Pakistan’s FO, during the current year Bharat had violated the Working Boundary and LoC 957 times. Last year due to Modi’s belligerent frame of mind  59 people, including women and children, were martyred while 211 civilians got injured.

The fascist policies of RSS and BJP implemented via Modi are grave danger for the region.  Pakistan’s name is enough to shatter the Bharat’s rêve of becoming a super power.  Even if Modi Government fetches ten financiers like B. R. Shetty, InshaAllah Indian hooliganism in Bharat will come to an end before long and Kashmiris will soon be breathing in a free milieu.

This was today’s A2Z. Do inform us of your precious opinion. Stay tuned for further updates and keep watching

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