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Alvi for blue economy

GWADAR: President Dr Arif Alvi Friday said Pakistan was determined to benefit from sea resources and blue economy.

Addressing officers and Jawans of the security forces here, he said the Gwadar Port was not only important in the context of economy but also had significance for defense.

He underlined the need for improving condition of roads to increase trade with the Central Asian states.

“We have to focus on regional connectivity, promotion of trade and marine economy.”

President Alvi observed that the Central Asian states were eager to get access to the Gwadar Port and undertake trade through Afghanistan.

He noted that Afghanistan achieved peace after 40 years, adding Pakistan gave refuge to four million Afghan refugees.

“Permanent peace in Afghanistan will have good effect on our economy.”

He said the international community had recognized the government’s efforts against coronavirus in Pakistan. Timely decisions against the coronavirus pandemic not only benefited its people but was also beneficial for the national economy, he added.

The president said all the security forces of the country played a positive role for defense and during every challenge facing the nation.

He said cyber warfare was more dangerous than the deadly weapons. Pakistan had regularly faced cyber attacks and the security forces would have to be prepared to defend the country against such attacks, he added. | YouTube Channel

Ammar Ahmed

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