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APS tragedy (16th Dec, 2014) to be remembered

ISLAMABAD: National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf Thursday (15th of December, 2022) said that the sacrifices of the children and teachers of Army Public School (APS), Peshawar would always be remembered in the country’s history.

The pain of the APS tragedy is as fresh in the nation’s heart.

National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf said that this day was unforgettable for the tragedy that befell in Pakistan.

“December 16, 2014 was a black day in Pakistan’s history,” the said this in a message on 8th remembrance of the APS tragedy.

Recalling the scale of the tragedy, National Assembly Speaker said that the heartbreaking incident of December 16 had shaken the entire country.

Raja Pervez Ashraf said that by the sacrifices of these innocent heroes of Army Public School, we get the message to forget mutual differences and work together for a developed and prosperous country free from terrorism.

National Assembly Speaker said that even after the passage of 8 years, the pain of the APS tragedy is still there in our hearts like on the first day: “We are proud of the families, who have endured this great trauma.”

The Speaker remarked that despite passage of eight years and with the presence of an unbearable pain, pride could still be seen in the eyes of bereaved families.

“These families are not alone in this pain rather the entire nation equally shares their grief. No words, no ceremony, no awards– no amount of tears — will ever replace their losses.

“The names of so many children martyred on this date years ago have been etched in our hearts and our collective memory”. He termed the loss of these innocent children a great national loss...

“The resilience and courage of the bereaved families and students of APS has reinforced the nation’s resolve to root-out militancy in all forms and manifestations.”

National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf said that national leadership agreed on a national plan of action which provided a mandate to law enforcement forces to destroy and dismantle terror networks.

Raja Pervez Ashraf highlighted that history would not be able to offer such precedents of bravery.

Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf stressed the need to make education as legacy for the permanent end of terrorism.

“It was the schools and colleges where we have to win the battle against militant mindset,” Pervez Ashraf added.

Deputy Speaker Zahid Akram Durrani said that the day reminds us of the sad tragedy when terrorists entered the Army Public School on December 16, 2014 and martyred more than 132 innocent children.

He said that the pain of the APS tragedy is still fresh in the hearts of the nation.

He sympathized with the parents of the martyred children and said that the blood of these children will never go in vain. The war against terrorism will continue until its end.


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