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Arrest me if you dare: Bilawal challenges NAB!

KARACHI: Addressing a Presser here today Chairman PPP-P Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari announced that he would not appear before NAB tomorrow (24th day of December, 2019) terming the summon served to him as unconstitutional and illegal: “Arrest me if you dare” he challenged! 

He accused the government of creating obstacles in PPP-P plans to observe former PM Benazir Bhutto’s death anniversary on 27th day of December, 2019. Bilawal pointed out he had repeatedly been proclaiming that the PPP-P would observe BB’s death anniversary in Rawalpindi, where she was assassinated yet, he held, the NAB-Govt Nexus had sent him summon.  

Bilawal claimed that the government has not given permission to hold the ceremony and alleged it of hindering PPP-P workers from making arrangements, including transportation. He said the former CJP had stated that the PPP-P Chairperson had “nothing to do” with the fake accounts case after receiving JIT report.

He was talking to the Media just hours after the arrest of PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal in  Narowal Sports City Project corruption case. It is pertinent to mention here that during this month Bilawal Bhutto had been called by NAB for a second time regarding fake bank accounts and money laundering case.  NAB maintains that Bilawal had 25 per cent shares in joint venture of Zardari Group called Opal-225.

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Bilawal Bhutto says no one is free in today’s Pakistan

RAIWIND: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, while addressing a public gathering here, held that no one was free in today’s Pakistan.

Terming the incumbent PTI government as selected he reiterated that PPP-P had been protesting against selections since long.

Chairman PPP-P said that his party would observe the death anniversary of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto at Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi on 27th day of Dec.

CPEC: Bilawal accuses PTI Govt of disregarding Baloch

QUETTA: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari while addressing the PPP-P workers convention here today has accused the incumbent government of disregarding people of the Province while charting out CPEC route.

He claimed that former president Asif Ali Zardari wanted the CPEC route to commence from Fata and Balochistan. But the PTI Government, he said, had changed the route in order to begin from Lahore and Sindh.

“We want the people of Balochistan to benefit from CPEC but this incompetent, unqualified puppet government has failed to provide you the benefits. Only PPP is capable and it is the only party to have ever strived to deliver the benefits of a project to the residents of the area it is launched in,” he held.

Bilawal Bhutto claimed that it was due to PPP-P that The women of the Thar desert were now working in different fields – from truck drivers to civil engineers. He held that the coal of Sindh was used to power Faisalabad’s power-plants.

Pointing out that Balochistan was the province blessed with the resources, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari claimed only PPP-P could ensure that the benefits of the resources were delivered to the owners of the resources, the people of Balochistan.

He stated that it was evident that the power was being stolen from the people and handed over to the selected and the selectors. “The economy is not running for the benefit of the people but for the benefit of the selected and the selectors…We are not being led by our representatives but the selected and the selectors.”

Focusing on curbs imposed on Media he pointed out that interviews of the members of banned organisations, RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav, and IAF pilot Abhinandan were aired but that of former president Asif Ali Zardari was banned.

He further accused government of extra-judicial arrests saying: “Pakistan is the only country where numerous people go missing and the fault is always theirs and never the state’s.” Commenting on the inflation Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the selected prime minister was stealing the share of resources that should go to the provinces.

Bilawal Bhutto said that the selected was also placing the burden of his incompetency onto the people: “He who promised 10 million jobs and 5 million homes is not only stealing existing jobs but the roof over people’s heads in the name of encroachment,” he added.

According to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari due to suspension of subsidies the government was causing economic murder of farmers and elderly pensions (whose pensions were not increased). He noted  from the white-collared worker to laborers, all were being swept away by the tsunami of inflation that Bilawal held was the result of PTI’s towing the IMF line.

PPP-P Chairman pointed out that Imran Khan had facilitated robbers and looters by introducing a tax amnesty scheme for them: “But there is no tax amnesty, no bailout for traders and farmers”. Bilawal claimed that PPP had battled price hikes, combated the global recession and entered into program with the IMF but safeguarded the people’s interests while doing so, while in power.

Zardari, he said,  had brought a 100% increase in pensions, 150 per cent increase in salaries of civilians. He pointed out that PPP Govt had also brought about a 175% increase in the salaries of soldiers: “This is the difference between a people’s government and a selected government. We have to stand by you whereas they have to stand by their selectors,” he held.

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