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Avoid spicy food during heatwave

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ISLAMABAD: The health experts and physicians have advised the masses to avoid eating unnecessary spicy food and meat during heatwaves as it could add to the deadly impact of sizzling high temperatures prevailing in various parts of the country.

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) ex-spokesperson Dr. Waseem A. Khawajah told APP that the average temperatures were going to reach 40-50 degree Celsius during day times that could badly affect the masses particularly the children and elderly.

Dr. Khawajah said the increase in temperature required general public to take extra preventive measures and precautions to avoid contracting heat strokes.

The ex-spokesman, an expert gastroenterologist, informed that the masses should prefer to take apple gourd, arum, gourd, bottle gourd, luffa, zucchini, radish and cucumber like vegetables. He said the people should consume more fresh fruits, milk, dairy products, fresh juices and water.

He advised that the masses should reduce the intake of meat, eggs, pickles, strong chilies, spices, greens, spinach and fried eating items. He also added that the people should abstain from taking fast food and ready-made food items and also avoid taking carbonated drinks and market-made drinks.

While taking precautionary measures to prevent heatwave impact, he said the people should wear light color clothes, avoid wearing black and compact shoes, take bath daily or repeatedly to reduce heat, use wet towel while going outdoors, cover head and neck with coverings, and use goggles or sunglasses and umbrella before venturing outside.

To a question, he said the unplanned urbanization had reduced the number of trees and it was necessary to plant more trees as it could help control heat and keep the atmosphere clean. | YouTube Channel

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