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PTI Senator Azam Swati

FIA terms objectionable video that Azam Swati received as fake

ISLAMABAD: Responding to PTI Senator Azam Swati’s claim that he had received an objectionable video featuring him and his wife, PTI Chairman Imran Khan took to the Twitter to state: “Pakistan was created on Islamic moral values of human dignity, honor of the family & inviolability of chadar & chardawari.

What has happened to Azam Swati at the hands of the State has been a blatant violation of all these values – from being stripped naked to custodial torture & now this video where privacy of his wife has been violated.

It is both shocking, despicable & utterly condemnable.

No human being should have to suffer this.

I call on the CJP to take suo moto notice of this.

I want to apologize on behalf of Pakistan to Mrs Swati, a very private, non public, tahajut guzaar lady for the pain, anguish and sense of humiliation she is having to suffer.

Meanwhile, FIA has revealed that following an international-standard forensic analysis it transpired that the video was fake and heavily edited.

According to FIA the video was produced utilizing deep fake tools to create defame the lawmaker.

Initial forensic analysis revealed that the video had been edited and different clips had been amalgamated.

A thorough probe revealed that that faces had been swapped in the images using Photoshop.

FIA advised Azam Swati to lodge a complaint in order to enable the Agency look into the affair. | YouTube Channel

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