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Baba-e-Urdu remembered on his 56th death anniversary!

KARACHI: As a youngster this scribe had a chance to read a piece on Baba-e-Urdu (Father of Urdu) Maulvi Abdul Haq.

One of the sketches that still remains in the memory was about his love for freshly-prepared food, particularly chapatis (unleavened flatbread from the Indian Subcontinent).
Hence while traveling (by train) he used to take his khan-sama (cook) along.
Those were the days when people were original, undemanding and dedicated. Selfless beings with very little expectations from life.
Maulvi Abdul Haq, who got his education from legendary Aligarh University, founded Anjuman-e-Tarraqi-e-Urdu in Aligarh in 1903.
He opposed the idea of making Hindi the national language of India. One of his many accomplishments is compilation of a comprehensive English-Urdu dictionary.
In 1947, he migrated to Karachi and struggled for the promotion of Urdu by publishing books, magazines and establishing libraries. After an eventful life he died on 16th of August 1961 here in the Port City.

Baba e Urdu AnniversaryOn Monday 16th day of August 2021, Acting VC Federal Urdu University of Arts Science & Technology (FUUAST), Professor Dr. Rubina Mushtaq stated: “Language is the identity of any individual as well as nation and Baba-e-Urdu (father of Urdu) Maulvi Abdul Haq has dedicated his entire life for the promotion of Urdu language.”

She was speaking during a visit to the mausoleum of Baba-e-Urdu Maulvi Abdul Haq on the occasion of his 60th birth anniversary here on Monday 15th of August, 2021. She further said: “We have to carry forward the lamp lit by Maulvi Abdul Haq. Urdu Language is our greatest asset and we have to fulfill the mission of Babae-e-Urdu”. 

Professor Dr. Rubina Mushtaq maintained: “Urdu is one of the great languages of the world and if given due importance, it will be recognized by others as such too.” She further said that special attention was being paid at Urdu University on research for promotion and further development of Urdu.

Conspicuous among others who paid their respects at the Mausoleum of Baba-e-Urdu Maulvi Abdul Haq, there were President of Anjuman-e-Tarqi-e-Urdu Wajid Jawwad, Acting Registrar Dr. Muhammad Sareem, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zahid, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zia-ud-din, Treasurer Danish Ehsan, Najam-ul-Aarfeen, Muhammad Siddique and Dr. Kamal. | YouTube Channel