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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Bhuttos have fought the dictators: Bilawal Bhutto

D. I. KHAN: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that his grand father and mother had fought the dictatorships and now he was following their footsteps to fight for the people’s democratic, socio-economic rights. 

Addressing a public gathering here at Gandapur Shaheed Park today he told in detail about the projects successfully initiated and completed by Pakistan Peoples Party in the region and pointed out that no other party had delivered at all.  He said due to incompetency of PTI Govt. KP was moving towards bankruptcy. 

While quoting in details various energy, commercial, educational and health projects completed by PPP, he reminded that it was Benazir Bhutto who had commenced the Lady Health Workers’ Program. 

Bilawal Bhutto pointing gout that facilitators of terrorists were sitting in the Assembly asked when terrorists’ interviews could be aired why not Asif Zardari’s? Accusing PTI Govt. of getting the budget passed through assembly by unfair means, he said that  two members of the parliament belonging to KP were not allowed to attend the budget session. 

Criticizing the PTI Govt. he said that rule IMF has been imposed on the country as a result prices of commodities like veggies are augmenting on daily basis while rupee is depreciating constantly. He said Imran Khan was the murderer of the economic future of Pakistani youth. He said that rising prices have broken the back of poor masses due to the wrong policies of PTI Govt. 

Pointing out that section 144 had been imposed in the region during elections, Bilawal Bhutto asked what kind of democracy it was where no fair election was possible even after 70 years of independence. Accusing PTI Govt. of holding selection instead of election in KP he further said while ban was imposed on the opposition, PTI candidates were allowed to campaign freely. 

M M Alam

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