You are currently viewing Black Day on Oct 27 to show solidarity with Kashmiris

Black Day on Oct 27 to show solidarity with Kashmiris

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ISLAMABAD: October 27 (Friday) will be marked as Black Day across the country to show solidarity with Kashmiri people.

“Pakistani flag will be hoisted on all government buildings to mark ‘Kashmir Accession Day‘ on Sept. 27, the nation will observe ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day‘ to show harmony with Kashmiris,” said a notification issued here today.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has very kindly approved September 27, Friday, as Kashmir Solidarity Day for holding public rallies across Pakistan to express their feelings with the people of India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” it added.

On the day, the rallies will be organized to raise voice against the grave human rights violations by India in the occupied valley.

“The theme of Sept. 27 will be ‘Let’s Save the Innocent Children of Kashmir’,” the notification further read.

I am always ready to mediate on Kashmir issue: Trump to PM Imran

President of the United States Donald J. Trump had earlier said that Kashmir issue was the dispute of India and Pakistan and both countries should sit on the talks table to come up with a solution.

Trump, during a one-on-one meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, said that he wanted both countries [India and Pakistan] to hold resolve all issues through dialogue.

“I would be ready if any of you [Pakistan and India] will ask me to mediate on Kashmir issue. I have always said that I will do whatever I could,” Trump said, adding that he completely trusts Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan that he would play role in holding talks with India’s Narendra Modi on the long-standing dispute.

The POTUS further said that he has close relations with both Pakistan and India and he doesn’t want to lose any of them.

“I want you to know that you [Imran Khan] and Modi are my friends. You know, very good friends. I will be happy if you both will listen to me and sit on a table together,” Trump said while talking to PM Khan.

“Both the countries and their governments should know that the only solution to any issue [including Kashmir dispute] is dialogue. Peace only comes when you are ready to shake hands. You can’t win hearts of each other by making rude faces,” he said.

Commenting on the behavior of the previews governments and rulers of the United States with Pakistan, the President said that he was aware of the rudeness former governments showed towards Pakistan [and other Muslim states].

“Let me tell you that I respect Pakistan and its people alot. Many Pakistanis are living in the United States and we are happy to have them here,” he said, adding that Pakistan is a peaceful country.

Lauding PM Imran Khan’s efforts towards peace in the region, Donald Trump said that he admires Imran Khan as he was always talking about long-lasting peace in the region.

“You have always talked about long-lasting peace in the region and solution of the Afghan war. You are some of the best leaders who build courage to talk on every kind of issues. I really like that,” he said.

He also said that Imran Khan was best leader and his good friend. He would always be available if the Pakistani PM wanted any support.

Trump, when asked about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address yesterday in Howdy, Modi, said that Modi’s tone in the yesterday’s gathering was too aggressive.

“I can understand what Modi wanted to deliver. But I want to say that his tone and his voice seemed too aggressive. However, I know every problem and every dispute has at least a solution. You just have to keep a soft heart every time. That’s it,” he said.

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