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Brazil protests mount as Bolsonaro mum on election loss

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RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazilian police on Tuesday fired teargas at protesters who blocked major highways for a second day over the election loss of President Jair Bolsonaro, who has yet to concede defeat.

Thirty-six hours after official results showed he had lost Sunday’s presidential run-off with only 1.8 percentage points, Bolsonaro has yet to speak, fanning concerns he may try and challenge the result after months of attacking the electoral system as fraudulent.

In Novo Hamburgo, near the southern city of Porto Alegre, police fired teargas to break up a protest, according to an AFP photographer.

The executive director of the Federal Highway Police (PRF), Marco Antonio Territo de Barros, told a press conference in the capital Brasilia that there were 267 road blockages underway across the country and that 306 had already been dispersed since Sunday.

“It’s a complex operation, involving more than 75,000 kilometres (46,500 miles) of federal highways,” he said.

Protesters wearing the yellow and green of the Brazilian flag, which the outgoing president has adopted as his own, expressed unhappiness with the outcome of the election. | YouTube Channel

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