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Catching Trout in Kaghan

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NARAN: Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) Saturday after a ban of two years on the catching of German Trout fish in River Kunhar at the tourist destination Naran Valley granted permission to catch trout through a permit by using a fishing rod. Tourist Sikandar Khan got first permit by paying 10000 rupees.

According to details two years ago, catching the rare German brown trout fish in the Kunhar River was banned for conservation, following the strict measures taken by the KDA and keeping in view of the tourist’s interest, a limited number of trout fishing through fishing rod were allowed in River Kunhar under the supervision of River Rangers through a permit.

While addressing the ceremony, Chairman KDA Dr. Aimal Zaman Khan said that Naran Valley has been blessed with beautiful weather and scenic snow-capped mountains.

The rare German brown trout fish in the waters of the river Kunhar is a great gift to the nature and its protection is our prime responsibility, we are taking measures to preserve the rare species and increase its population in the River Kunhar, adding he said.

Dr. Aimal Zaman said that KDA is working on the promotion of tourism in the area and creating opportunities for tourists to participate in positive and healthy activities through Destination Trout Trophy Fishing Scheme.

The chairman disclosed that KDA intends to establish the School of Aquatic and Marine Life in Naran to encourage a new generation of tourists and aware them through a massive campaign.

He said that in the future, a world-class trophy fishing competitions will also be organized in Naran, through permits fifty percent of the income would be given to Community River Rangers who are locals guarding the river in their areas and the rest of the proceeds will be spent on the breeding of trout fish and International Fishing Gala.

On the occasion, Director General KDA Tariq Khan said that Kaghan Valley is one of the most beautiful natural valleys in Pakistan and millions of tourists are coming here every year, KDA is providing guidance and facilities to each of them.

He further said that controlling fishing is a positive activity that is limited to sports and not meant as a commercial activity, It is an important step in promoting tourism in the region and a new theme of catching fish and enjoy.

In addition to building and repairing infrastructure in the valley, KDA is also developing new tracks to attract tourists, adding Tariq Khan said.

Naran Hotel Associations members Seth Matiullah, Waheed Khan Sarwar Khan Hassan Din praised the KDA’s scheme for catching a limited number of trout fish through permits, they said that it would increase the interest of tourists and promote tourism. | YouTube Channel

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