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CDA installs 1,000 trash bins to prevent littering

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has installed around 1,000 small bins to ensure clean and green environment in the city by preventing littering on major roads, traffic signals and public places.
Its Member Finance Rana Shakeel has confirmed that the trash bins were installed across the city in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean and Green vision.
He said the CDA present management, under the leadership of its Chairman Amer Ahmed Ali, was on a mission to beautify the capital city in shortest possible time, adding that was why scores of new trash trolleys and skips had been placed at multiple places, in addition to the small trash bins.
“The CDA has procured 500 waste trolleys and 100 skips, out of which 400 trolleys and 70 skips have already been installed across the city,” he noted.
Rana Shakeel said earlier, the city owned only 600 trolleys and 90 skips, adding placement of trash receptacles at roads, parks, hospitals, and public places was not a regular feature in the past.
He said the CDA was committed to give the Federal Capital a civilized look by taking inclusive initiatives and procuring more infrastructure for waste disposal.
The member said the CDA chairman had recently gave approval to the proposal of sanitation department for purchasing more 500 waste trolleys and 100 skips.
The process of its procurement would be initiated soon by floating tenders in the national dailies, he added.
He said skips and trolleys would be colored for specifying its usage. Green color would be dedicated to organic waste, while yellow would be meant for inorganic garbage, he added.
Rana Shakeel also mentioned the CDA’s plan for launching a massive awareness campaign to educate the sanitation staff and citizens for usage of colored skips and trolleys. | YouTube Channel

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