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CDA starts campaign to remove wall chalking, pamphlets from city

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ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started a campaign to remove wall chalking, pamphlets, and advertisements from markets, under passes, roads, and other places of the Capital city.

Applications will be given in the relevant police stations against those involved in illegal wall chalking, said CDA official.
The work of art and calligraphy at under passes and bridges is also underway to enhance the beauty, he added.
According to detail, CDA is working to enhance the beauty of city side by side maintaining the cleanliness.
In this regard, the administration of CDA has started campaign for removing the illegal wall chalking, advertisement stickers, and pamphlets.
Process of removing illegal wall chalking and advertisements at roads, markets, bridges, underpasses, bazars, and other buildings and bus stops is continued.
The authority will also register the cases against those involved in illegal chalking and advertisements.
Wall chalking and advertisements have been removed from Jinnah Avenue, 7th Avenue, 9th avenue, Srinagar Highway, Soharwardy road and some other places.
Sign boards, Street boards, markets, polls, and transformers will be restored in their original form by removing the illegal wall chalking and advertisements.
On the other hand, steps are being taken to enhance the beauty through art and calligraphy work at under passes, bridges, and other important places. Students are also being involved in this campaign. | YouTube Channel


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