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Celebrating Pakistan’s Diamond Jubilee (Video and Text)

KARACHI: Pakistanis are enthusiastically celebrating the 75th Independence Day on 14th of August, 2021. 

Traditionally the day commences with 32 gun salutes in Islamabad and 21 gun salutes in the Provincial Capitals. One of the main features of the celebrations is hoisting of national flag at President House. Flags are also seen fluttering on houses, commercial buildings and on an enormous number of motorbikes, cars and larger vehicles. Many batiments have been illuminated by means of blue and white electric bulbs. At midnight sky over cities had been illuminated by means of fireworks. Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) organized a national literary seminar Urdu Adab Pakistaniat ka Izhar (Expression of Pakistaniat in Urdu Literature)on Friday 13th of August.

PAL has also invited prominent scholars and eminent poets to present their oeuvres at Azadi Mushaira on 14th of August. Cultural institutions like Arts Council Karachi and PNCA are also contributing to the festivities by means of plays etc. Similarly, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is holding 9km vehicle rally in in Islamabad on the occasion. The rally would start from D-Chowk, Islamabad utilizing the entirety of Jinnah Avenue all the way to F-9 Park. The event would bring together almost 150 vehicles including cruiser bikes, Harley Davidson motorbikes, Sports performance bikes, classic vintage cars, and 4×4 off-road jeeps (with Pakistan flag).

Faced with disparity, discrimination and dejection after 1857 debacle, the Muslims of sub-continent were subjected to an intellectual, political and educational decay after colonial rulers’ strengthened grip on united India and tilted towards socio-economic and educational empowerment of Hindus as they considered Muslims their rivals following snatching of power from them under the guise of East India Company.

After failure of 1857 War of Independence, the Muslims of British India were given a new hope and direction by great educationist and social reformer, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who instilled a new vigour into Muslims after an inspired teachings of the renowned religious leaders,Mojadad Alf Sani and Shah Waliullah. Sir Syed had brought about an intellectual revolution among Muslims through his educational, political and social reforms besides nullifying the malicious propaganda of colonial rulers, Hindus and pessimist forces during an era of ominous, discrimination and oppression.

While taking cognizance of the socioeconomic and educational decay of oppressed Muslims, Sir Syed founded All India Muhammadan Educational Conference (AIMEC) Aligarh in 1886, which carried forward his vision regarding modern education, socio-economic empowerment and political unity of Muslims to regain past glory. The network of educational institutions and political unity organized under AIMEC had enabled millions of Muslims to compete with other communities including Hindus and provided a launching pad for Muslims to initiate a political and democratic struggle for a separate homeland in the subcontinent. Sir Syed’s reforms had excelled Muslims in education, social, economic and political sciences, resultantly their voices have strongly been heard by British rulers.

Under the flag of All India Muslim League (AIML) founded on December 30, 1906 at Dhaka, the Muslims got united by giving new impetus to independence movement. It witnessed further momentum after Quaid e Azam spearheaded independence movement after formally joining AIML in 1913 and outlining of an independent state for Muslims majority provinces in north western India by great poet philosopher Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal during historic Allahabad address in 1930. Thus, Dr. Allama Iqbal became the first politician to articulate about the two nation-theory that Muslims were a distinct nation and deserved political independence from other regions and communities of the united India.

The partition had also witnessed a historic migration : Muslims from India to Pakistan and Hindus from Pakistan to India. The Pakistan’s journey was full of challenges due to getting an unjust share in the resources from India. Independence Day was also special for the Muslims as it coincided with the 27th Ramadan, the eve of Laila-tul-Qadr in the year 1947. Therefore, it was an added reason for the Muslims to have bigger celebrations on the occasion. | YouTube Channel

M M Alam

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