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Charsadda attack: Five facilitators of the terrorist attack arrested, DG ISPR

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PESHAWAR: Director General of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa Saturday, while briefing media on Charsadda attack has said that five facilitators of the Charsadda terrorist attacks were arrested.

DG ISPR General Asim Bajwa informed media personnel present that he had brought the Charsadda attack suspects with him.

He briefed the media that the purpose of today’s press conference was to inform and update everyone regarding the progress in the investigation of the attack on Charsadda’s Bacha Khan University on January 20.

He then played an audio clip for the media personnel, which was a phone call between terrorist Mansoor Naaray in Afghanistan and a reporter.

Asim Bajwa said the call had been placed from Afghanistan and that it the terrorist had claimed responsibility for the attack in the audio clip.

Asim Bajwa also revealed the terrorists had used public transport to reach to Charsadda. He revealed these terrorists crossed Torkham and entered into Pakistan via Mardan. He said Zakir, who was from Afghanistan, had helped in the purchase of the rickshaw. He also said terrorists had taken residence in two houses at the Mardan-Charsadda road. Lieutenant General Bajwa also revealed how Adil’s niece and wife were used in the terrorist attack.

Adil and Riaz were involved in the purchase of weapons used in the operation, according to the DG ISPR.

“A search operation is taking place to apprehend the wife and niece of the terrorist,” he stated.

Bajwa also said the commander of the terrorists was in Afghanistan. He also revealed that investigation into financial cooperation in the terrorist attack was underway.

He said three facilitators of the Charsadda attack, Riaz, Noorullah and Adil had been arrested. Asim Bajwa revealed how suspect Adil had provided the terrorists with a map of the university.

“Adil and Riaz cooperated with the terrorists,” he said. Another terrorist by the name of Ameer Rehman had been identified by NADRA, he said.

He said terrorists had entered into Pakistan, conducted recce and purchased rickshaw as well as stayed in houses within Pakistan. Asim Bajwa then stressed on the importance of every person in a society playing his/her role to expose terrorists and foil their plans.

He said after his press conference concluded, media personnel could see the five arrested terrorists and also show them to the masses.

Bajwa said most of Operation Zarb-e-Azb’s objectives had been reached and many areas had been cleared from militants. He also stressed on how terrorism had declined in the country ever since June 2004, due to the operation that was conducted.

He added that several people cross into those routes along the border which are unfrequented. He added that the management of the border will be improved.