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China expects all parties in Afghanistan will echo wish of citizens

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BEIJING: China on Wednesday (1st of September, 2021) hoped that all parties in Afghanistan will echo the wish of the Afghan people and shared aspiration of the international community and build an open and inclusive political structure.
“China sincerely hopes that all parties in Afghanistan will echo the wish of the Afghan people and shared aspiration of the international community and build an open and inclusive political structure,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks in response to a question about reports that the Taliban will announce a new government on Friday.
He said the relevant parties will adopt moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policies, make a clean break with all terrorist groups and live in good terms with other countries, especially its neighbors.
Wang Wenbin said, “Afghanistan is turning a new page in its history, facing both opportunities and hopes as well as challenges and difficulties.
“The Afghan people, having suffered so much, are now standing at a new starting point for national peace and reconstruction,” he added.
He said the international community is closely following developments including the formation of a new government in Afghanistan.
“Afghanistan is a heroic country and has never surrendered,” Wang said quoting Chairman Mao Zedong.
“China and Afghanistan are friendly countries. China does not want to harm Afghanistan, and Afghanistan does not want to harm China,” Wang said adding, the two countries always support each other. China will as always pursue a friendly policy toward the entire Afghan people, respect Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and will not interfere in the country’s internal affairs.
China will continue to provide utmost assistance to Afghanistan for an early realization of peace and reconstruction, he added.
Meanwhile, Taliban Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said the Taliban have deployed security forces and technicians to the Kabul airport to repair the facilities, and are trying to restore order and work in Afghanistan’s security, legal, health and banking sectors.
In an exclusive interview with CGTN, the spokesperson also told that the new Afghan government will be an Islamic government.
“Without any doubt, it will be an Islamic government… Whatever the combination, it should be Islamic. It being Islamic is guaranteed,” he said, adding he hopes discussions and consultation on the new government’s formation would come to a good conclusion.
Mujahid highlighted stabilizing security and solving technical problems when talking about the preparation for airport operations.
“We have created a special force that will maintain security at the airport, and we are hopeful that our technical team will solve these problems soon so that normal operations resume,” he said.
As for plans to resume normal life for the Afghan people, Mujahid mentioned that measures have been taken in areas such as security, health and education.
“Firstly, one of the most important services is security – people are provided wwith good security and the rule of law is established,” he said, adding that an acting overseer is assigned, health services are provided and efforts in the education sector are in progress.
“We hope that the government is announced soon and everything gets back to normal,” he said.
He said the Taliban are looking forward to developing a strong relationship with China.
“China is a very important and strong country in our neighborhood, and we have had very positive and good relations with China in the past,” he said.
“We want to make these relations even stronger and want to improve the level of mutual trust.”
China is a rapidly developing country that can support Afghanistan in the economic sector, he said, adding they are hoping for Chinese investment and exports.
“We want them to have exports to our country and help us in the development of our country. We are looking forward to good relations with them,” | YouTube Channel

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