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Chinese hybrid rice reaches Pakistan

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KARACHI: In order to ensure its grain yield this year Pakistan has imported 500 tons of hybrid rice from China.

According to details the imported seeds will be planted on 33,333 acres of land. It may be recalled that Pakistani customers signed an agreement with Messrs. Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Industry Co., Ltd., an enterprise engaged in wholesale and retail of crop seeds in China.

The seeds could not be processed and packaged by the Chinese company as per agreement due to the virus crisis. In order to facilitate the exports, customs of Taizhou city in China’s Jiangsu Province, opened a green channel and ensured that the seeds were duly sent to Pakistan.

Zha Lianqun, General Manager of the Chinese company, stated: “If these seeds couldn’t be delivered to our customers in time, our business and reputation could be damaged, while the local grain yield in Pakistan could also be affected.”

It is pertinent to mention here that last year Pakistani fields at different areas suffered from locust attacks hence it was necessary to boost its production up.

Ammar Ahmed

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