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CM Punjab meets MQM-P (B), vows to turn Karachi into New York!

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KARACHI: CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif met the senior leaders of MQM-P (B) today and in a joint presser with Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that if his party was elected in the forthcoming polls he would turn the Metropolis into New York of South Asia.

Shahbaz Sharif, asking where the funds released for the city had disappeared, held that there must be accountability for what had been done to the Metropolis in the past.

He said that peace was not sustainable if socio-economic needs remained ignored. Blaming KE for the electricity outages in the city he said: “There is no doubt that the KE is mostly to blame. Whatever liability is there, it is their responsibility. Ramazan is coming and KE has to resolve their self-made issues. Without delay, the entire city must get around-the-clock electricity in Ramazan.”

Pointing towards MQM-P’s reservations apropos census results he said a conspiracy was hatched to limit the representation of the citizens of Sindh.

Later addressing the gatherings in Lyari and Baldia Town he warned people not to fall into the trap of PTI or PPP that according to him were two sides of the same coin.


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