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Columnist kidnapped at gunpoint!

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LAHORE: Unidentified gunmen intercepted the vehicle of columnist Gul Bukhari and kidnapped her near Sherpao Bridge in Cantonment area on 5th of June, 2018.

However, according to her family, she was back home in the early hours of Wednesday (6th of June, 2018) and fine.

According to details she was being driven to the office for the show that was scheduled for 11 PM when her vehicle was intercepted by 4-6 double cabins. The abductors asked her to exit from the car and as soon as she descended she was blindfolded and taken away in a double cabin. 

Cynics insinuate towards a connection between her kidnapping and the fact that she was a supporter of PML-N and a vocal critic of the military.

HRCP held: “It is appalled at the recent abduction of Gul Bukhari, a journalist known for her views on law-enforcement organizations. While Ms. Bukhari safely returned home within a few hours, the fact that she was summarily ‘picked up’ from the Lahore Cantonment should make it clear that enforced disappearances are rapidly becoming the norm (an easy and arbitrary means of intimidating those who do not toe the line).”

British Parliamentarian<ark Field took to the twitter to proclaim:

A relevant piece published earlier: Sindh Human Rights Commission (SHRC) expressing serious concerns on reported enforced disappearances of rights activists in Sindh has written a letter to the Home Secretary, DG Rangers, Secretary Law and IGP demanding information apropos the matter. Correspondence bearing signature of Chairperson SHRC Justice (R) Majida Razvi states: “The Commission is extremely concerned about such reports surfacing in the media and the complaints being received from the families. “The Commission has been receiving information through various channels that since last one week dozens of human rights activists have disappeared reportedly by the law enforcement agencies. “The families of all the disappeared persons are still unaware of the whereabouts of their beloved ones.” SHRC condemned storming of activists’ houses without arrest warrants and termed the act as a manifestation of highhandedness. (16th August 2017)