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Could copious sugar intake mess with your mental well-being?

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LONDON: It is known that beaucoup sugar could potentially mess with your oral and physical health.

But does it affect your mental health as well? Yes it does, claimed a latest study.

Academics from the University College London (UCL) have gone through the records of over 8,000 individuals.

The participants have been assessed regarding their sugar intake and its effects on their mood so as to analyze common mental disorders (CMD) like anxiety and depression.

Their ramifications demonstrated that men, who ingested more sweet foods and beverages, were more likely to develop CMD.

It has further been learnt that higher consumption of sugar could potentially pose severe mental effects on both genders.

However, experts connoted that reduced ingestion of sweet meals is linked with better psychological health, oral health as well as physical health as it would help you out in maintaining healthy body mass.

Their up shots have been detailed in the paper published in the journal Scientific Reports.

It is pertinent to mention here that abundant intake of sugar during pregnancy could potentially make your child obese later in life.

In severe cases the child can suffer from vascular ailment.