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Coronavirus: Railways Ministry suspends 34 trains indefinitely

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Railways has suspended 34  (17 up and 17 down) up and down trains for indefinite period, in view of the fear of the Coronavirus.

A notification for closure of 11 (up and down 22) more passenger trains from Wednesday has been issued in this regard.

Earlier, 6 trains (up and down 12) were suspended for an indefinite period with effect from Sunday (22nd of March, 2020).

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Coronavirus: PM Imran Khan Urges Social Isolation

20th of March, 2020

ISLAMABAD: PM, while talking to journalists here today,  has asked the people of Pakistan to adopt social distancing as a precautionary measure against Coronavirus pandemic

He noted  it was very important that people who show symptoms of coronavirus must self-quarantine themselves. He also advised that the people should also limit their social gatherings for the next one or two months.

PM, stating that the experience of China would be used, said that the situation was being daily monitored. He said experiences of various countries, especially China, will be utilized to tackle the menace of coronavirus.

He said the government was fully alert and vibrant to the threat and it had been decided that all federal ministers will be available here during this crisis.

Imran Khan said that he would update the people about the coronavirus situation twice a week. He told that Pakistan was in contact with the Chinese government when the cases of virus first emerged in their country.

According to PM the Special Assistant on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza visited Taftan area to witness the situation first-hand. As a result, a lot of measures were adopted for better screening of patients of coronavirus.

Imran Khan said if the number of cases augments in Pakistan massive hospitalization will put a strain on available medical resources. He said even in advanced countries like Italy, the situation was becoming critical due to shortage of medical supplies.

He said role of media is very important in this situation as sensationalism could lead to panic that might make the situation worse. | YouTube Channel


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