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Corruption affects foreign investment: PM Imran Khan

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BEIJING: Prime Minister Imran Khan says corruption affects the foreign investments and it halts the development of the country. 

Addressing Promotion of International Trade Council here today, PM Khan said that the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government paved the path for foreign investors to come and invest in the country.

Lauding China’s efforts against corruption, Khan said that Beijing was role model for Islamabad as it eliminated the corruption and corrupts from every corner of the country.

“China arrested its 400 ministers over corruption and executed them. We should learn from the measures it was taking against dishonesty,” the premier said.

He further said that he was impressed with the actions China has taken to eradicate poverty.

“It was time to learn [from China] how they eradicated poverty. China is the fastest developing country in the world,” he added.

Talking about corruption in Pakistan, the premier said that it would take some time to completely eliminate corruption from the country as the incumbent government was being criticised over taking action against the dishonest.

“Pakistan’s investment is being affected due to corruption. Foreign investors are not willing to put their investment in the country because they know how corrupt the previous governments remained. However, it is our responsibility to lift the image of the country. It could only be done if we eliminate corruption and make efforts to bring foreign investors to Pakistan, Khan said.

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