You are currently viewing “Corruption, Loot & Mismanagement in all State Owned Enterprises (SOE)” :  A citizen’s letter to PM (PART I)

“Corruption, Loot & Mismanagement in all State Owned Enterprises (SOE)” :  A citizen’s letter to PM (PART I)

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KARACHI: Abul Hasan Shah,   a karachiite, has written a letter to the Prime Minister indicating towards “Corruption, Loot & Mismanagement in all State Owned Enterprises (SOE)”. NewsPakistan.TV will be publishing details of the letter in a series: 


Dear Sir (Mr. Prime Minister),

Please refer to my letter dated 08.06.2014 (copy attached) wherein I had pointed out corruption, loot and mismanagement in SOE especially NBP, PSO, PIA etc.

The letter under reference has been mismanaged and mishandled by your secretary and he instead of contacting me and discussing the matter sent it to the Ministry of Finance where a ‘very junior officer named Muhammad Asif (Assistant Economic Advisor Bkg-III, Internal Finance Wing, Finance Division Government of Pakistan), your secretary should have understood that such sensitive matters involving CEOs & President of Bank (especially) involving corruptions of billions of rupees cannot be properly handled by such a junior officer sitting in the Ministry of Finance.

They do not in my view have the competence, capability to handle such matters. To crown on this Mr. Muhammad Asif sent it to a very junior officer in NBP named Muhammad Amin Qazi, SVP/wing Head of HR Management & Admin Group who instead of informing the President about this wrote letter N0. HRM &AG/ID/DC/26i41 dated: 06.08.2014 (copy attached) and called me to meet him on 13.08.2014 I do not know for what purpose.

Please note the following points and my objections on the actions taken by the bureaucracy:

1) Why Secretary to the Prime Minister sent my letter under reference to such a junior officer in the Ministry of Finance instead of sending it to Dr. Waqar Masood Secretary M/F. Is it not an attempt by the bureaucracy to malign an elected representative i.e. the Prime Minister. How the present Secretary Finance (who himself has not a good reputation) handled this case.

2) Why Mr. Muhammad Asif a junior officer in the Ministry of Finance sent my letter to a very junior officer (SVP) in NBP instead of sending it to the President of NBP. Again here Sir, is it not an attempt by the bureaucracy to bring in disrepute an elected Prime Minister.

3) In my letter dated 08.06.2014 I had complained against loot & corruption relating to three Presidents of NBP (M/s. S. Ali Raza, Qamar, Hussain and Asif Brohi) in this connection please note down that only it is funny to do so but also illogical and illegal to call a person (me) by the representative of an organization (NBP) where massive corruption and loot was committed to talk about the matter. Does it not amount to a situation where a “whistle blower” (me) is being asked by a thief to prove the allegations.

4) I have got copy of letters and proof regarding corruption and loot committed by the three past Presidents named above and wrote letters to the Governor SBP, Chairman SECP and Secretary Finance including the present Secretary Finance about the corruption, loot and mismanagement done by M/s. S. Ali Qamar Hussein, and Asif Brohi but no action was taken against the wrongdoers by bureaucracy which results in bringing bad name to the elected representatives.