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Court approves Hassan Niazi’s bail

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QUETTA: The court on Saturday (25th of March, 2023) approved the bail of Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan’s focal person and his nephew Hassan Niazi.

Judicial Magistrate III of Quetta approved the bail of Imran Khan’s nephew and focal person Hassan Niazi in the sum of one 100,000 rupees.

The leader of PTI Hasan Niazi was produced in front of Judicial Magistrate 3 Jameel Ahmed in District Kachhari.

A large number of lawyers were also present with him. During the hearing, Hassan Niazi’s lawyers pleaded for his bail, While the request for five-day physical remand made by the police was rejected.

Hasan Niazi said in a statement before the Judicial Magistrate that his fault was that he was the legal advisor of former Prime Minister and Chairman of PTI Imran Khan.

PTI leader Hasan Niazi was arrested yesterday from Islamabad and transferred to Quetta Airport Police Station.

Hassan Niazi is accused that during the Zaman Park operation, PTI workers from Quetta interfered with the police affairs and forcibly blocked the road, for which a case was registered against him in Airport Road Police Station.


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