You are currently viewing COVID-19: Are Pakistanis too tough for hoity toity maladies?

COVID-19: Are Pakistanis too tough for hoity toity maladies?

KARACHI: It seems that the whole COVID-19-related scenario in Pakistan was orchestrated by some utilizing the Media aptly.

The non-sugarcoated truth is that masses of Pakistan are used to eat, drink unhealthy stuff full of germs; living in super-unhealthy environs often on choked drains/gutters called Naddi; hence they are already immune to hoity-toity maladies like COVID-19.

Nevertheless, Pakistani scenario needs to be deciphered. Although there was lockdown in papers, in reality areas like Lyari, Qayyumabad, Akhtar Colony etc etc never observed anything called lockdown.

In posh areas like DHA too even saloons and gyms are operating. Tailors kept on working from Ramazan till now (behind the closed shutters when needed in full knowledge of the Police mobiles that keep on Patrolling).

As far as restaurants are concerned, those who failed to pay to certain quarters were forced to keep their eateries closed perpetually. While there were those who kept on serving right from Iftar till Sehri during Ramazan and even now are open till 10PM/mid-night by greasing some palms.

Many claiming to be running pharmacy or dealing in chemicals kept their shops open during lock-downs selling everything imaginable. In DHA super markets (after paying bribes to Police) do business till 10PM or even beyond.

This scribe knows about a team comprising photographers, NLEs, script writers, producers, directors who went to the interior of Sindh in order to film a documentary. From Karachi they were equipped with disposable latex gloves, 3-ply disposable face masks, Dettol sanitizers (one bottle per person), etc etc.

But as soon as they descended from their vehicles they were embraced and hugged by their hosts. All who welcomed them were unaware of any menace called COVID-19. Even the chef (who cooks for a VVIP) catered to their needs sans any sanitizers, masks or gloves.

Another team of photographers from Karachi told that they were the only homo-sapiens seen wearing masks in Thatta and Makli etc.

Similarly the so-called SOPs during Eid-ul-Azha proved to be a joke. Sheep, goats, cows, bulls and camels were cut right on the main boulevards by butchers who were unaware of existence of sanitizers, masks or gloves.

Each such scene was swarmed by a huge number of people asking for sacrificial meat. For these beggars survival is more important than some hoity toity malady. | YouTube Channel





M M Alam

M. M. Alam is a Pakistan-based working journalist since 1981. Karachi University faculty gold medalist Alam began his career four decades ago by writing for Dawn, Pakistan’s highest circulating English daily. He has worked for region’s leading publications, global aviation periodicals including Rotors (of USA) and vetted New York Times as permanent employee of daily Express Tribune. Alam regularly covers international aviation and defense-related events including Salon Du Bourget (France), Farnborough (United Kingdom), Dubai (UAE). Alam has reported thousands of events and interviewed hundreds of people in Pakistan, UAE, EU, UK and USA. Being Francophone Alam also coordinates with a number of French publications.