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NCOC Asad Umar

COVID-19 cases augment in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: After a meeting held here on 10th of March, NCOC has issued fresh guidelines  following a surge in the Covid-19 cases across the country.

According to concerned authorities Pakistan has recorded some 1,786 cases in the last 24 hour pointing towards upsurge of a potential third wave of the Pandemic. During the huddle, with Asad Umar in the chair, coronavirus related state-of affairs  were reviewed profoundly.

NCOC maintained that due to augmenting rate of COVID-19 cases,  mask-wearing and use of sanitisation etc would be imposed. Smart and Micro-Smart Lockdowns would be enforced at hotspots of the malady; Fifty per cent work from home policy will be implemented; All commercial activities would end by 10PM; Amusement parks all over Pakistan will be closed at 6PM.

Indoor weddings would not be allowed. Nevertheless, outdoor dining and takeaways will continue: “Outdoor gatherings will continue to remain limited to a maximum of 300 individuals with strict enforcement of COVID -19 SOPs.”

Provinces  will be able to impose stricter SOPs in regions accordion to the rate of spread. | YouTube Channel

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