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COVID-19: Save Lives, Clean Your Hands

KARACHI: In order to activate people globally 5th day of May is celebrated every year as Hand Hygiene Day. Globally 3 billion people live sans clean water and basic hand-washing facilities at home. In the face of COVID-19 Pandemic, they are among the most vulnerable.


Presently, due to Coronavirus, even those who had never heard of Hand Sanitizers, are using it. The government is advising people by means of electronic Media to wash their hands many times a day for at least twenty seconds to avoid infection.

Hand Hygiene Day

But in the countries where a vast number of people can’t get water to drink, it is ridiculous to ask people to wash their hands for that long and that too with soap repeatedly.


One of the tricks one can use to avoid transporting germs from door knobs etc to mouth, ears and eyes, is to use your non-active hand.


For instance, if you dont use your left hand to write and eat etc., it is unlikely that you will use that hand to touch the face or eyes. Hence, use your inactive hand while commuting, using door knobs etc.

This year, the campaign theme SAVE LIVES: Clean your hands, aims to recognize Health Workers as front-line heroes who deserve acknowledgement and appreciation, and highlight their critical roles in infection prevention. The main aim of the Global Hand Hygiene Day campaign is to recognize that hand washing is one of the most effective actions you can take to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections, including the COVID-19.


Health workers and community members alike can play a role in preventing infections by practicing regular and frequent hand washing. As part of the 2020 campaign, WHO and partners aim to:

1) Make hand hygiene a global priority;
2) Inspire hand hygiene and behavior change;
3) Engage with health care workers in their role in clean care and the prevention of infections.


Decision-makers are also urged by means of this campaign to form policies ensuring safe work environments for Health Workers. | YouTube Channel

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