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Current Antibiotics Are Not Effective

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KARACHI: Federal Urdu University of Arts Science & Technology (FUUAST)’s Department of Microbiology has recently organised a seminar here.

Chief Scientific Officer of the Center for Quality Sciences, Dr. Obaid Ali, a famous medicine expert, described the crisis of trust as a tragedy and pointed out that the conflict of interests and biased behavior in clinical trials was alarming.

He maintained that prediction and interpretation led to uncertainty due to insufficient information about biological mechanisms, complex responses associated with drugs and other medical interventions.

According to him medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the world: “Nine out of every twenty-six studies prove to be wrong”.

Giving an example, he informed that a famous American company’s drug Cox 2 caused the death of one hundred and twenty thousand people.

Organizer Assistant Professor Department of Microbiology Sikandar Khan Sherwani explained the aims and objectives of the seminar.

Sherwani claimed that the current antibiotics and other medicines were not effective against diseases, therefore new medicines were needed.

However, he conceded that from the clinical trial to the development of a drug, was a time-consuming process.

KARACHI: A large number of Microbiology students also participated in the seminar.