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Daniel Pearl Case: Govt to challenge SHC verdict

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ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has stated here today that  Sindh Government would  challenge Sindh High Court (SHC)’s verdict in Daniel Pearl murder case.

FM noted that the reservations over the verdict regarding Daniel Pearl case seemed quite natural. The Foreign Minister said accused in Daniel Pearl were arrested and faced trial as a result of which three people had to face imprisonment, while central figure Sheikh Umar was handed down death penalty.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said accused had used their right to appeal. The SHC had on Thursday (2nd of April, 2020) acquitted three accused and commuted the death sentence awarded to the prime suspect Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh into life imprisonment.

Alice Wells says Daniel Pearl’s killers should be punished

3rd of April, 2020

WASHINGTON: US top diplomat for South Asia, Alice Wells has taken to Twitter to condemn SHC decision apropos Daniel Pearl’s case.

Alice Wells maintained that Daniel Pearl’s kidnappers and murderers must face the full measure of justice.

Terming the verdict an affront to victims of terrorism, Wells lauded the prosecutor’s insinuation about appealing the judgment in SCP.

Meanwhile, Sindh Govt. invoked the Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) law to detain all the accused for another three months maintaining that release of prime accused Omar Saeed Sheikh, Fahad Naseem, Syed Salman Saqib, and Sheikh Mohammad Adil could jeopardize the law and order situation in the province.

Daniel Pearl Case: Omar Sheikh’s death sentence commuted

KARACHI: SHC, maintaining that murder charges had not been proven against Omar Saeed Sheikh, has today commuted  death penalty into a seven-year imprisonment. He was accused of kidnapping for ransom and murdering WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002.

wall street journal

Since British National Omar Saeed Sheikh has already spent 18 years behind the bars, he will be released shortly. He had been sentenced to death for kidnapping and murdering Daniel Pearl by an Anti-Terrorism Court in 2002. However, SHC noted that the state failed to prove the accusation of murder against him.

Defense Counsels Rai Bashir and Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, had earlier submitted to court that the prosecution had failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, They maintained that Omar Sheikh and three other suspects had neither aided, abetted, or participated in the alleged crime of kidnapping for ransom.

After hearing the arguments of all the parties to the case, the SHC bench acquitted three and commuted the sentence of the prime accused. Provincial Prosecutor General said that they were going through the court order and would probably file an appeal.

It is pertinent to mention here that Daniel Pearl was kidnapped on 23rd day of January, 2002 from the Metropole Hotel area here. He was reportedly kept in a house in Ahsanabad (Super Highway) where it is said that he was beheaded by his captors when their demands were not met. khalid shaikh mohammadMany in USA insinuate that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, presently incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay for his alleged involvement in 9/11, was the man behind Daniel’s murder. It is said that Daniel Pearl was investigating militants in Karachi after the 9/11.

(Text and Video) US Consul General Grace Shelton dedicates Daniel Pearl Music Day Concert ‘Harmony for Humanity’ to the victims of 24th of Oct  Quetta Carnage

KARACHI: Few hundred meters from where the Pressman Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping began fourteen years ago,  Arabian Sea Breeze kept on hissing through the swaying leaves of palms in the majestic mansion of US Consul General Grace Shelton, Tuesday October, 25th evening.
She gave a red carpet welcome to karachiites who converged there to be part of Harmony for Humanity – musical tribute to Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl (a courageous journalist who went harm’s way in search of truth). Musical performances have been held since 2002 in over 140 countries.
One may marvel why a melodious homage to a slain pressman? Danny was a talented writer who was adept enough with the written words to make a living in the top ranks of journalism. But it was in music that he found an essential form of expression.
A talented violinist, fiddler and mandolin player Danny kept passion for music ignited throughout his career. During numerous postings all over the world he joined town bands, orchestras and chamber groups.
Consequently, he left behind a long trail of musician friends in cities across the world stretching from Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Atlanta, Paris, Tehran to Mumbai.
Daniel Pearl’s family chose music to celebrate the ideals of tolerance friendship and shared humanity.  They formed a foundation to further the ideals that inspired Danny’s life and work, spotlight his love of music to build bridges and create friendship.
Consul General Grace Shelton while observing a minute of silence to commemorate those who lost their lives in the October 24th terrorist attack in Quetta, dedicated the event to the slain people.
Speaking on the occasion Grace Shelton stated:  “I listened to The Sketches last week in Hyderabad and was moved by the music and its ideas of love and harmony. I am really excited people this evening can hear that message, which is interwoven with the beautiful fusion of Sindhi traditional and contemporary instruments and rhythms. Pakistanis and Americans are once again standing together tonight to promote a message of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding.” embassy-embassy-copyKARACHI: U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Jonathan Pratt while answering  to NewsPaksitan.TV query agreed that Pakistan was a dangerous country for journalists and measures needed to be taken in order to protect them. Earlier Jonathan Pratt very rightly held that Grace is the best American diplomat on the planet (Earth)!
bdddddddddMusical performances have been held since 2002 in over 140 countries. This year bands The Sketches led by fusionist Saif Samejo and Sounds of Kolachi led by Ahsan Bari were featured.
dannycoffin-copyKARACHI: Daniel Pearl – a courageous journalist who went harm’s way in search of truth.pearlThis scribe met Danny’s French wife (now 49-year-old)  Mariane van Neyenhoff Pearl (a freelance journalist) in the office of Karachi-based advocate Zia Ahmed Awan. At that time she was pregnant. She had gone public as an articulate advocate of fighting terrorism. 
mariane-marianeMariane with their child that Danny never saw. mighty-heart-heartbrave-heartMariane published a memoir ‘A Mighty Heart: The inside story…’ in 2003  about her husband. Later a movie of the same name was released in 2007. danny-danny-danny-copyAs Danny’s son looks on President Barack Obama signs  the legislation intended to promote a free Press around the world. (This bipartisan measure was  inspired by the assassination of Daniel Pearl shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001).
5k8a3965KARACHI: The Consul General of USA here Grace Shelton and US Deputy Chief of Mission Jonathan Pratt (posted in Islamabad) seen welcoming the Speaker of Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani. 
john-warner-copyKARACHI: US Consulate General’s Public Affairs Officer John Warner spoke  about the significance of Daniel Pearl Music Day(s) towards the end of the event. | YouTube Channel

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