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Demanding Restoration of Military Courts

KARACHI: On Wednesday (8th of November, 2023) the heirs of those who were killed by terrorists urged the quarters concerned to restore the military courts to ensure speedy justice to the victims of terrorism as their abolition had further added to their pain.

The development comes days after a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court unanimously declared the trial of civilians in military courts as null and void and ordered that the 103 accused in cases relating to the violence on 9th and 10th May, 2023 be tried under the ordinary criminal laws.

The court through the 4-1 majority also declared certain clauses of the Army Act as ultra vires the Constitution and of no legal effect.

One judge of the bench, reserved his verdict on one para, though siding with the bench on the remaining paras.

Addressing a press conference at the National Press Club, the martyrs’ families appealed to the Supreme Court to review its decision against the military courts.

Nawabzada Jamal Raisani, Haji Sanaullah Khan, Rahimullah, Wazir Farman Elahi, Anwar Zeib, Fawzia, Muhammad Jamshed and others were among the heirs of martyrs, who addressed the presser.

They said that the military courts were all the more important to provide justice to the victims of terrorism and rioting as, otherwise, it might lead to higher terror incidents.

It might also embolden enemy secret agencies to go for any misadventure like Kulbhushan Yadav, they added.

“The martyrs are the nation’s pride and the apex court is requested to have a thorough review of underlying factors in order to effectively curb anti-state activities and terror acts while delivering verdicts through military courts,” the families said.

They indicated that they would formally file a petition in this regard in the apex court on Monday.

The martyrs’ heirs said that they had gathered at this point to demonstrate their unity to carry forward a movement for the restoration of military courts.

They said that they were just trying to uphold the sanctity of the martyrs’ blood and added that the military courts would surely take the elements involved in terrorist activities to task and give solace to their heirs.

The families stressed for quick disposal of Kulbhushan’s case at the International Court of Justice so that spy networks should be discouraged.

The families pointed out that the real issue was the lengthy and slow judicial process so they were demanding the military court trials of the culprits without further delay.

“It is our responsibility to stand against the anti-state elements.

“Those affected by terrorism deserve due respect and care.

“The children and families of martyrs stand united on the issue as their loved ones sacrificed their lives for the motherland,” they added.

The families said that it seemed that the menace of terrorism had one again surfaced in the country, as evident from the recent terror acts in the province of Balochistan and elsewhere.