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Are dietary supplements healthy?

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MARYLAND: It is true that we cannot meet the daily requirements of requisite vitamins because of poor diet we consume these days.

Therefore, people adhere to countless dietary supplements. But is it a wise decision?

Let’s look into some significant vitamins and its daily requirements for humans:

  • Vitamin E

An adult body requires some 15 mg (or 22.4 IU) of vitamin E. However, mostly supplements harbor 200 to 1000 IU per pill. Considering this, a study from John Hopkins University revealed that those, who take over 400 IU daily, are more likely to die soon. Also, the men are more prone to mount prostate cancer when compared to those who do not take such pill.

  • Vitamin C

Usually people pop out such supplements as to thwart and cure common cold and the flu. Similarly, its pills, lozenges, and powdered drinks consist of 500-1000mg of vitamin C, which exceeds the limits of daily requirements around 5 to 10 times. It has been scientifically proven that beaucoup of vitamin c could potentially trigger kidney stones.

  • Vitamin A

The required amount of vitamin A for adults is 700-900 mcg. If we surpass its intake, we could develop osteoporosis and hip fracture. Besides, high dose of Vitamin A can be lethal, resulting into nausea, vomiting, and tummy ache.

Experts reiterate that one should consult with the doctor before popping out any supplements even if they are multivitamins.

Also, we can meet the daily requirements of vitamins by swallowing more fruits and veggies as they could potentially reduce the risks of having vascular ailment, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.