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“We don’t have anyone to replace Misbah,” says Miandad

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LAHORE: Former cricketer Javed Miandad has said that there was no replacement for Misbah as the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was unable to provide chance to the young talent in the country.

Miandad, in an interview, blamed the country’s weak domestic cricket structure for not finding a replacement for 42-year-old test captain saying, “The problem is we don’t have anyone to replace Misbah. This shows how weak our cricketing structure is.”

Misbah is considered as Pakistan’s most successful test captain who helped the team to grab the top spot in the International Cricket Council (ICC)’s Test rankings.

The quadragenarian skipper of the national team had been Pakistan’s batting mainstay for the past six years with 24 victories from 53 test matches, losing 18 and drawing 11.

Miandad believes the national cricket board had not thought about succession.

“Everywhere in the world there’s a system in place and players come and go, but unfortunately we didn’t adopt any such system,” he said.

“Why are we now asking Misbah to leave? Have we prepared any replacement for him? Unfortunately the answer is no and now it’s entirely up to Misbah to decide himself when he wants to quit.”

Commenting on Misbah’s decision when he said that he was not in mood to retire, Miandad said, “Misbah knows it very well that there’s nobody who could lead the test side and that’s why he has not yet made up his mind.”

When asked about team’s performance in recent Test series against Australia, Miandad said it required special skill and technique to play in Australia.

“I am sorry to say but we don’t have players of such caliber. Playing aggressive cricket is the key to success in Australia and we were too defensive in our approach in batting, bowling and fielding,” said the 59-year-old.