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ECP asks voters to transfer vote on CNIC address



Election on Senate general vacant seat on 3rd October

ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has asked the eligible voters to transfer their vote on their permanent or temporary address written on their computerized national identity card (CNIC) by March 31.

According to an official of the ECP, votes would be considered as ineffective of all those voters who failed to transfer their votes on CNIC address with the ECP under the law.

He said that the commission has extended the previous date of December 31 as last date for transferring of votes as per CNIC address and asked the citizens to avail this opportunity and submit their forms with the respective district election commissioner, registration officer or assistant registration officer.

He said keeping in view the situation and to ensure the right of exercise of casting votes, the ECP while exercising its powers under article 219 (A) of Constitution of Pakistan and section 36 of Elections Act 2017, has issued orders for review of electoral rolls.

He said the decision would help all those voters who could not transfer their votes or register them as voters on CNIC address.

He said that estimated eight percent to 10 percent votes of eligible voters are registered with ECP’s electoral rolls other than the CNIC address.

He said during review process of electoral rolls, the commission would point out all those votes registered with other addresses and transfer these votes on CNIC temporary or permanent address.

He said that during the process, a facility is being offered to voters to transfer their vote on CNIC address with their own choice of temporary or permanent address.

He said that voters could register or transfer their votes in respective constituencies till issuing of schedule of national, provincial or local government elections.

He added after issuing of schedule, there would be no chance of inclusion in voters’ lists.

The official said now voters could get information by sending computerized national identity card (CNIC) number to ECP’s SMS service 8300.

He asked them to contact their respective district office of ECP to ensure registering as voter on CNIC address. He added that all ECP district information office would remain open on Saturday and Sunday for the purpose.





ITP devises special traffic plan for Pakistan Day Parade



ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has devised special traffic plan for convenience of road users in connection with the parade on March 23 and preparations for it.

According to ITP traffic plan issued by the office of Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Farrukh Rasheed, heavy traffic will not be allowed to enter premises of Islamabad on March 17, 19, 21 and March 23 from 12 am to 2 pm. A total of 600 ITP personnel including one SP, two DSPs and 22 Inspectors will perform duties on Pakistan Day.

Small vehicles coming from Lahore will use route of Rawat T-Cross to reach motorway after passing through Rawalpindi Saddar Road and Peshawar GT Road.

Vehicles coming from Airport Rawalpindi will use Expressway and to be diverted from Khana Bridge. They may use Lehtrar Road, Captain Naeem Tufail Shaheed Chowk (Taramri Chowk), Park Road, Rawal Dam Chowk, Murree Road to reach G sectors or Kashmir Highway.

Those motorists traveling for Murree may take turn from Kashmir Chowk and travel towards their destination from Bhara Kau.

Those going to Islamabad Airport or Lahore will use 9th Avenue, Murree Road, Rawal Road and take right turn from Koral Flyover.

The motorists coming from motorway may use Kashmir Highway to move towards Aabpara, Bhara Kau and Murree.

Faizabad will remain completely close for all types of traffic while Expressway will be also closed from Khana Bridge to Faizabad for small vehicles on March 17, 19, 21 and March 23 from 5 am to 2 pm except those having permission letter to move ahead.

Likewise, Faisal Avenue will be closed from Zero Point to Faizabad and Murree Road to remain close from Rawal Dam Chowk to Faizabad on these days. Only those people will be allowed to move on these roads having permission cards with them.

Invitation cards in different colors have been issued to guests coming to attend the Parade which also guide route, parking lot and sitting area.

For instance those having invitation card of red color will reach sitting area after using the red marked route and parking vehicle in the red color parking area. Every guest will use the route according to the color of his/her card.

Those guests coming from Murree Road Rawalpindi will reach Expressway after crossing Faizabad Flyover.

They will take U-turn from Shakarparian Flyover and enter the route number 1 to reach parking area. Those having green or black color cards and coming from Islamabad will cross Shakarparian Flyover and enter the route number 1 to reach their parking areas.

Signboards in different colors and personnel will also guide the guests towards their parking areas.

Those coming from Rawalpindi, Jhelum and Mangla will use Islamabad Expressway. They will reach Shakarparian Flyover after crossing Faizabad underpass and take U-turn from there to access route number 1.

The participants having invitation cards of red or yellow color will use the same route being used by the green (1) or black card holders but they will use route number 2 on Islamabad Highway to reach the Parade Avenue.

The guests having invitation cards of Blue, Red (2), Green (2) and of Maroon color will use the same route specified for holders of green (1) and black color cards.

However, they will enter the Parade Avenue through entry route no. 3 on Expressway.

Similarly, the public transport plying between Rawalpindi to Islamabad will be diverted from Missile Chowk to Khana Bridge, Lehtrar Road, Park Road and Rawal Dam Chowk.

It will be further diverted on right side on Kashmir Highway for Murree and on left side from Kashmir Chowk to reach Islamabad.

For general public, transport will be diverted from IJP Road to 9th Avenue Kashmir Highway. While those coming from Murree Road Rawalpindi area will be asked to use Stadium Road and then to be diverted on 9th Avenue and Kashmir Highway.

The citizens have been requested to cooperate with ITP police and military staff. Those coming to witness the parade must bring their NICs with them. Camera, mobile phones and edibles would not be allowed.

People may immediately inform at helpline 1135, ITP helpline 1915 in case of observing any suspect or suspicious material around them.

The stickers issued by the administration must be displayed at the front windscreen of vehicles. People will be informed about any decision after weather update through radio or television.

ITP FM Radio 92.4 will keep updating the citizens about traffic situation in the city during these days.

Citizens have been appealed to avoid unnecessary travel during these days.



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IHC seeks DRAP chief’s degree record from HEC



Media houses to shift offices

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) today maintained its stay order on the removal of Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP’s) chief Sheikh Akhter from his post till March 21, and sought his complete degree record from HEC.

Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb hearing the case remarked that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had not declared the Ph.D. degree of Akhter as fake. The court asked the sacked DRAP’s head to appear before Secretary Ministry of Health Service on coming Monday and inform him, his stance about the degree for taking assistance from HEC. On the query of the judge, Secretary Health apprised the bench that the petitioner was given eight extra marks on grounds of having a Ph.D. degree.

Akhter pleaded that his degree was accurate but the HEC had not verified it. The bench asked whether the ministry not verified the degree before appointing DRAP’s chief. At this, Secretary Health said the degrees were usually verified after appointments. The court sought a complete record of Akhter’s degree from HEC and adjourned the case till 21st March. It may be mentioned here that the ministry had removed Sheikh Akhter from his post on the charges of holding a fake Ph.D. degree.


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Capital police register 3,116 cheque bouncing cases 



Land record computerization in Islamabad 

ISLAMABAD: Capital Police have registered 3116 cases on account of cheque bouncing during last three years (January 01, 2016 to December 31, 2018) while 2,366 accused were granted bails by courts.
Of the total registered cases of cheque bouncing in  Federal Capital, 2,703 were challenged while 383 were canceled during the period.
A data issued by Interior Division on Wednesday revealed that during the year 2016, Capital Police registered 1033 cases of cheque bouncing under section 489-F PPC, out of which 980 challaned, 51 canceled, 980 accused arrested and 930 persons were granted bail by respective courts.
Similarly, during the year 2017, 1027 cases of cheque bouncing were registered out of which 875 challaned, 152  canceled, 875 accused arrested and 651 persons were granted bail.
During the year 2018, 1058 cases of cheque bouncing were registered, out of which 848 challaned, 180 canceled, 848  accused arrested and 785 persons were granted bail.
The accused persons have been granted bails under section 497 Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 by concerned courts. The data further showed that a person who dishonestly issues a cheque towards repayment of a loan or fulfillment of an obligation which is dishonored on presentation shall be punishable with imprisonment.
The imprisonment may extend to 3 years or with fine, or with both unless he can establish, for which burden of proof shall rest on him, that he made arrangements with his bank to ensure that the cheque would be honored and the bank is at fault in not honoring the cheque.

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