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Senate polls: ECP rejects PM’s charges

ISLAMABAD: ECP members that converged here today in order to review PM Imran Khan’s charges  on the Commission’s role during the Senate polls held on 3rd of March, have rejected the allegations. 

ECP noted that it was a shocking matter that under the same staff in the same polls under the same roof on the same day, what they won was acceptable and what they lost was unacceptable.

ECP held: “The Election Commission listens to everyone but fulfills its obligations only according to what is written in the law and the Constitution. If the constitutional institutions continue to be ridiculed in this way, it is tantamount to their weakness and not that of the ECP”. 

It is pertinent to mention here that, bewildered by the defeat of his candidate Hafeez Sheikh, PM accused ECP of failing to take measures to ensure transparent polling in Senate polls. PM had called out the electoral body for ‘protecting those who made money by holding the Senate elections through secret ballot.’

Meanwhile, PTI’s Sadaqat Ali Abbasi while reacting to Hafeez Shaikh’s loss by saying that not PDM but “money had won” senate elections and Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) had failed to hold transparent elections. He said after Ali Haider’s “confession” that the video was true, it was the ECP’s responsibility to declare Gilani ineligible to contest elections and file a reference against him.

Sadaqat Ali Abbasi maintained that it was necessary to stop all such mafias to fulfill their nefarious designs, and the ECP’s role in that regard was crucial. He said that beauty of democracy was in holding of transparent elections and only independent institutions could strengthen the democratic process.

Accoridng to him ‘money’ was used in senate elections and ECP was bound to obey Supreme Court (SC) court orders for holding transparent corruption free elections. The apex court had also urged ECP to use modern technology to ensure transparency in the elections but the commission did not follow and organized the polls as per traditional way, he mentioned.

He also criticized that opposition was celebrating victory for Senate election which they won by means of ill gotten money belonging to the poor people of Pakistan which was shameful for them. | YouTube Channel

Sana Mehmood

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