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Environment: Activists attempt to occupy British Museum

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LONDON: In a bid to force British Museum cut ties with British Petroleum (BP), activists – who had coated themselves in plaster – attempted to occupy the batiment here on Saturday (8th of February, 2020) when the management was closing its doors at 5PM.

To manifest against the sponsorship by BP of ab expo titled Troy: Myth and Reality, protesters (dressed as ancient Greek warriors) smuggled a 13-foot Trojan horse into the museum’s foyer. Activists, who occupied 11 of the museum’s rooms, finished the day by tearing BP logo near the entrance of British Museum.

Demonstrators held: “We are imagining a world in which the British Museum has stopped celebrating those causing the climate crisis and is instead allying itself with those who have, currently are, and will be putting their bodies on the line in the fight for climate justice.”

Anum Mashkoor

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