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Expo 2020 Dubai’s Water Week

ISLAMABAD: Water will underpin Expo 2020 Dubai’s final Theme Week, uniting public and private sector change-makers from 20 to 26 March to explore how to better preserve and protect a finite, precious and threatened natural resource that sustains all life on Earth.

Covering more than two-thirds of the planet’s surface, water is an essential developmental pillar. Its conservation is critical to building a safe, clean and healthy future for people and the planet, as enshrined in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Today, one in four people (two billion) worldwide also lack safe drinking water, half (3.6 billion) lack safe sanitation, and 2.3 billion go without basic handwashing facilities at home.

Water Week, a collaboration between Expo 2020 Dubai; the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure; and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment will comprise a series of purposeful and action-orientated events to explore water in all its facets, Emirates news agency reported .

The events will include the global community’s collective responsibility to better manage and preserve water in the face of climate change, plastic pollution, over-fishing, and other threats.

Expert discussions include the Water Business Forum at Dubai Exhibition Center and flagship event at the Nexus for People and Planet in Expo 2020 Dubai’s Opportunity District.

Both will take place on World Water Day (22nd March), an annual celebration highlighting the importance of fresh water and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

From a Pakistan-based project helping water-stressed rural communities barter livestock for solar energy, to the world’s largest fog-collection installation in Morocco and a foot-operated hand wash solution to stop the spread of COVID-19, these Expo 2020 Dubai-backed projects are transforming lives in the communities they operate.

Water Week is the last of 10 Theme Weeks that have taken place throughout the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai, forming part of the Programme for People and Planet. | YouTube Channel

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