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‘Fill the Jail’ movement of Imran Khan

KARACHI: Savants at the helm of affairs are of the view that Imran Khan’s Jail Bharo Tehreek or Fill the Jail Movement has nothing to do with the country’s politics but is another attempt to evade the specter of disqualification hounding him from at-least three sides.

Imran Khan is giving an impression that the Jail Bharo Tehreek is a reaction to the arrests of Swati, Gill, Fawad and Sh. Rashid but the truth is that by means of these gimmicks he is forcing the courts to announce the date of General Elections that will overshadow his story about prisons.

Imran Khan is avoiding these three cases that can render him disqualified for elections:

1) Foreign Funding Case;

2) Illegitimate Daughter Case;

3) Toshakhana Case.

Sana Mehmood

Sana Mahmood studied Business and Finance from Karachi and writes on a number of subjects particularly activities in Bourse etc.

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