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Flood: Pregnant women in KP

PESHAWAR: More than 25,000 pregnant women are among people affected by devastating floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while around 20,000 deliveries are expected in coming month.

This assessment was made by Health Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Friday (16th of September, 2022) after conducting screening of pregnant women in 13 districts badly impacted due to disastrous floods.

The Health Department has completed screening in districts from mountainous Kohistan and Swat to Southern plain region of Tank district. The Department has also established around 300 Mother and Child Healthcare Camps in all these 13 flood affected districts.

Kits were distributed in the camps for safety of new born besides distribution of essential medicines free of cost. The Lady Health Workers have been assigned the task of monitoring of Mother and Child cases and reporting with concerned officials forthwith.

The Health Department also made assurance for early completion of rapid assessment of Health Centers and soon work will start over renovation.

Meanwhile, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, Mahmood Khan on Friday approved summary for deduction from monthly salary of parliamentarian and government servants for helping the flood affectees.

According to a notification issued here, the deduction would be made from salary for the month of September 2022. The deducted amount would be contributed in KP Chief Minister’s Flood Relief Fund, adds the notification.

Chief Minister, Speaker KP Assembly, Deputy Speaker, Provincial Ministers, Advisers, Parliamentary Secretaries and Members Provincial Assembly (MPAs) will contribute their whole month salary in the Flood Relief Fund.

Whereas the government servants serving in BPS 17 to 22 will make a contribution of five days salary. Similarly, a deduction of two days will be made from salary of employees serving in grade 3 to 16, the notification stated.

The deduction will be made at source and the order is applied to all the employees of provincial government including consultants, contract engineers and employees of projects. | YouTube Channel

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