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Sherry Rehman

Floods, biggest tragedy after 1971

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman on Monday (10th of October, 2022) said that recent floods in the country were the biggest tragedy after 1971 when the country lost its eastern part.

There is no environment of business as usual in the country said the minister adding the recent floods in Pakistan were the record breaking in the world.

She said 33 million people were affected in the floods and 20 million people still had no availability of basic necessities and the sufferings of the people were continued.

The minister said that during the recent monsoon 700 percent more rains were recorded in Sindh and 600 percent more rains were recorded in Balochistan.

She said World Bank had estimated an impact of 40 billion US dollar on Pakistan due to the devastation of recent floods.

Senator Sherry said that 13,000 kilometer of roads and 36 bridges were completely destroyed which needed to be restored on urgent basis for connectivity.

She criticized the opposition for carrying out public rallies and doing politics at the time when country needed unity the most. “You should be ashamed, when the countrymen are suffering, you are taking oath from your followers like Hitler for staging protest and long march,” the minister said.

Sindh Sank due o Corruption of Sindh Govt: Responding to the climate minister’s statement, leader of the opposition Senator Shahzad Wasim said that Sindh was sinking not because of climate change but corruption of Sindh Government.

Senator Shahzad Wasim said his party leader Imran Khan was holding telethon and collecting funds and donations for poor flood affectees.

Shahzad Wasim said entire world had come to Pakistan after floods to support the people but the govt had flown out of the country. | YouTube Channel

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