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Floods: BISP disburses over Rs. 13B

ISLAMABAD: Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has disbursed over 13 billion rupees among 532,264 families under Flood Relief.

Flood Relief Cash Assistance through BISP is a step toward reducing the sufferings of flood affected people.
BISP is committed to address the deprivations of flood affected families by providing flood relief cash of Rs. 25,000 to every flood affected family in the country.
The data depicts how speedily the number of families registering through 8171 is increasing day by day as the floods have caused heavy financial and life losses all across the country.
As of Wednesday evening a total of Rs. 13,404,568,542 have been disbursed among 532,264 flood affected families all across Pakistan under the Flood Relief Cash Assistance program. So far, 55,995 affected families of Balochistan have received Rs. 1,421,651,820; 311,092 families have received Rs. 7,825,085,998 in Sindh; 62,709 families of KP have received Rs. 1,577,953,500 and 102,468 flood affected families have received Rs. 2,579,877,224 in Punjab.
In this tough situation BISP is trying its level best to ensure timely and transparent disbursement of financial assistance to these flood affectees.
All Pakistanis should come forward to help and support the people hit hard by natural calamity. Affected families can send their CNIC number to 8171 for registration in Flood Relief Cash Assistance program and upon receiving payment message they can visit their nearby campsite to receive their payment. | YouTube Channel