You are currently viewing Forensic audit of video presented by Maryam will be carried out: : Firdous

Forensic audit of video presented by Maryam will be carried out: : Firdous

LAHORE: Special Assistant to PM on Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan reacting to the presentation of a video featuring Accountability Judge and Nasir Butt said its forensic audit will be carried out and the findings would be shared with the people. 
She noted that PML-N had accepted that notorious Nasir Butt was loyal to PML-N.  Pointing out that filming someone in secret was itself a crime, she questioned the credibility of the maker of the video.
She informed that Nasir Butt had a criminal record and had  bolted to London after ‘murdering five people’ in Pakistan. She said that he had also been arrested by the London Police. She  said if someone level allegation against others then it is necessary that he should be honest and credible. 
According to Dr. Firdous Awan  failed attempt was made to bolster PML-N with the help of the tape provided by Nasir Butt, who is an infamous murderer and gang leader who fled to the United Kingdom after killing five people and remained an absconder for 20 years while Nasir Butt’s credibility was also a question mark. Dr. Awan stated that Nasir Butt worked as a security guard for Nawaz Sharif in the UK and his cases were closed when the PML-N came into power again.
Firdous Awan while addressing Maryam Nawaz said that she had not accused just one judge but the entire judiciary. She said Maryam Nawaz has made an absurd attempt to gain public sympathy through an audio/video tape. Addressing a news conference along with traders’ representatives here today  she pointed out that  during the PML-N’s  press conference of today, Shehbaz Sharif looked like a gambler who had lost everything. She said it seems that a coup has occurred in PML-N and the niece has cornered his uncle.

She said PPP government never forced judges to flee from their chambers whereas the PML-N had a history of always exercising undue influence over the courts. She claimed that PM Imran Khan and the government strengthened the courts, she said and added that the government did not have influence over them.

Earlier Vice  President PML-N Maryam Nawaz has claimed that deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif was convicted despite absence of any evidence against him and the Accountability Judge Arshad Malik who had convicted Nawaz Sharif was blackmailed (by means of a video) to give verdict against him.

She said this here today while presenting an audio/video featuring a conversation between the Accountability Judge Arshad Malik (who sentenced her father Nawaz to seven years in jail in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills corruption reference) and a PML-N worker Nasir-Butt at a Presser flanked by Shehbaz Sharif (Leader of the Opposition in NA) and other PML-N heavyweights. 

In the secretly filmed video, accountability judge Arshad Malik could be heard stating that there was no proof of corruption against the deposed premier in the 24th December Al-Aziziareference.

It  is pertinent to mention here that Maryam Nawaz has admitted that Nasir Butt – who made the candid footage – was a PML-N follower. He recorded the clip  when he met Accountability Judge Arshad Malik.
According to Maryam Nawaz it was the Judge Arshad Malik himself who had contacted Nasir Butt to admit that he felt guilty due to the wrong verdict and asked him to meet him at his home where the secret video was recorded.  

Maryam Nawaz has alleged that the judge was shown a video and by means of that blackmailed to write the judgement against her father. According to her transcription of the audio in the video the judge says: “There is no evidence available to constitute that a single penny has been shifted from Pakistan by Nawaz. No evidence could be found regarding any embezzlement of funds in Pakistan or in Saudi Arabia.”

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