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France to honor health workers killed by Covid

PARIS: France will confer a special honor on health workers who die from Covid while fighting the pandemic, President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday.
He said a status called “died in the service of the republic” would be created to honor public employees who lose their life “in exceptional circumstances”.
A similar “died in the service of the nation” status already exists for police and the military, while “died for France” is reserved for soldiers and civilians killed in battle.
“I want us to give our gratitude a solid legal foundation,” Macron said in a video post on Twitter.
The new status would allow the children of the deceased to become wards of the state with a right to receive material and moral support from the government, he said.
The current status reserved for military and police entitles the children they leave behind to financial help for education and job training, including free schooling and scholarships.
The new status was aimed at those “who in the middle of the pandemic look after the lives of others”, Macron said, calling the new status “an act of justice and fraternity”.
Other circumstances that would entitle a public servant to the status include death during rescue operations or military manoeuvres. One may recall that Macron himself had tested positive for the coronavirus. He kept on working in self-isolation from an official residence outside Paris. At that time, speaking of the general situation in France, he warned: “We have to be vigilant as the virus is gaining in strength again.”
Meanwhile, striking a more optimistic tone for the medium term, he said some cultural venues and cafe terraces would reopen under strict rules and a calendar drawn up for a progressive reopening of other facilities: “Thanks to the vaccine, the way out of the crisis is emerging,” he said. | YouTube Channel

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