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Funding Case exposed IK’s face: Zubair

KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League- N senior leader and former Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair here on Wednesday said that ECP’s report unmasked real face of Imran Khan who received funds from prohibited sources.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, he said that it was revealed now that Imran Khan and PTI received foreign funding from Indian and Israeli citizens but they kept blaming political opponents as foreign agents.

PTI resorted to every possible measure in the previous eight years to block ECP’s decision on the prohibited foreign funding case that was initiated by Akbar S. Babar -a founder member and then close aide of Imran Khan- in November 2014.

He said that ECP’s over 60 page report presented details of financial crimes of PTI in detail and it leveled a number of allegations on PTI which were never leveled against any other political party of the country in the history.

PTI leadership that was rebuking the report while saying that report comprised nothing worthy must tell the public that if they considered the case unimportant then why did they try their utmost to block the decision and keep moving higher courts for the purpose for eight years?

PTI leadership had adopted a narrative that Imran Khan did not submit an affidavit but only signed a certificate of party accounts, he said and asked PTI leaders to explain the difference between affidavit and certificate as well.

“A lie is a lie either in the form of an affidavit or a certificate,” he maintained.

According to rules around the world head of a political entity had responsibility to validate the certificate of financial accounts of their political organisation and Imran Khan as PTI chairman signed the certificate of financial accounts of the party and he had to accept the responsibility if any misdeclaration was committed through it, the PML-N leader said.

Following the ECP report, PTI leaders adopted a skeptical approach to misled the public but they must also answer who was responsible for misdeclaration and what action was taken against him, Zubair asked and added that the entire world should rewrite the rules governing political and financial entities just for the sake of Imran Khan.

PTI leadership kept alleging all the opponents as thieves and corrupt for the past twenty years but ECP’ report had revealed that they themselves were real culprits, he noted.

The Transparency International also pointed out the fact in their last report which ranked Pakistan at number 140 in transparency index descending from 116 during the PTI government, he said.

There should not be dual standards and all the rules and regulations must be unanimous for every one, he stressed.

Fawad Choudhry was defending Arif Naqvi claiming that he was not indicted in any case but the fact is that Arif Naqvi was convicted by a British court while USA was also pursuing a case for his custody.

Referring to another allegation by Fawad Choudhry as to K-Electric and Shanghai Power, Zubair said that if there was any documentary evidence of alleged transaction it should be made public.

Responding to a query, he said that transferring funds collected in the name of charity to a political organization was itself a crime and warrants legal action.

The ECP’s report had already inflicted serious political damage to PTI as its real face was unmasked before the public while the federal government would take decision on further legal action in the regard, he added.

Zubair while replying to another question said that Nawaz Sharif was declared ineligible for the lifetime in a fabricated case of misdeclaration but he still enjoyed mammoth public support and leading the largest political party of the country.

“A lack of trust has developed after the decision of Hamza Shehbaz case as well,” he said and added that for that reason all parties of PDM wanted a full bench of the Supreme Court to hear cases of national importance.

On a query about PTI’s allegation on Chief Election Commissioner, Muhammad Zubair said that PTI had appointed the incumbent CEC and they were all praise to election commission after winning 15 seats in Punjab bye polls.

He said that PML-N and PPP had gone through a process and got politically matured as their leadership faced several allegations in the past and exonerated by courts after lengthy legal proceedings. | YouTube Channel

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