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Govt set to reduce petroleum prices?

ISLAMABAD: Due to 20% decrease in oil prices in international market GoP will announce a reduction of Rs. 15 in the cost of Petrol and Diesel today for the month of March, 2020. 

Since the Dubai Crude rate came down from $62 per barrel on 31st of January, 2020 to $50 a barrel on Friday, down 19.35pc and benchmark International Brent price reduced from $60 a barrel to $51 a barrel, down 18.33pc. OGRA had calculated about Rs. 15 per litre reduction in the price of high speed diesel (HSD) and petrol.

Ministry of Finance and FBR had been attempting to pass on only half of the price reduction gauged by Ogra to consumers.

Coronavirus causes oil to fall 2%, drop in demand feared

25th of January, 2020

Oil price dropped 2% as the world is bracing itself against the mysterious respiratory ailment caused by Coronavirus with prediction of lesser demand due to fear that the malady will spread in China (that happens to be the second largest user of oil) deceasing travel.

Coronavirus: China closes thousands of cinemas as death toll rises to 41

24th of January, 2020) attempting to contain the outbreak of mysterious virus that had claimed 41 lives and affected some 1300 people all over the world so far.Release of seven major blockbusters that were scheduled to be launched today (Saturday 25th of January, 2020) has been cancelled. It is pertinent to mention here that Chinese New Year is the commercial high point of the cinema industry year in China yielding more than $1 billion of box office revenue. MAX cinemas in China were expected to contribute about 43% of IMAX’s total global box office in the first quarter — about 10% more than the annual average contribution because of increased sales during the new year holiday.

Chinese cinema operators received a directive from government regulator the Film Bureau ordering theaters to remain open unless local government authorities had insisted on closure. Theaters still in operation have announced disease prevention measures like the wiping down of seats and counter-tops, with some offering free masks.

China has also moved to shut down other venues and cultural activities, such as typically very crowded temple fairs. As of Friday, this included Shanghai Disneyland, the Forbidden City, Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium, the National Museum of China, and portions of the Great Wall and the Ming tombs, both popular tourist sites.Shanghai Disneyland, that can accommodate 100,000 daily, has been closed.

Many temples, including Beijing’s Lama Temple, where people traditionally make offerings for the New Year, and sections of the Great Wall near the capital were also closed off. In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus authorities have put thirteen cities in Hubei province into a form of lockdown affecting 33 million people.

Coronavirus: China acts to contain the mysterious respiratory malady

24th of January, 2020

WUHAN (China): Following the deaths of 26 citizens, China has taken unprecedented measure on Thursday (23rd of January) by barring all trains and flights from carrying any of the 20 million inhabitants  out of this city that has been identified as the epicenter of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak.

According to details Wuhan, the 7th largest city of China harboring eleven million people, has been under quarantine from 10AM (Chinese time) Thursday.  Flights, long-haul buses, and trains from the city, which is an important transport hub for central China, have been canceled, roads are blockaded, and residents have been told not to travel sans special reason.

According to source the quarantine has now been extended to other cities neighboring Wuhan, including Huanggang, with 6 million people, and Ezhou, with 1 million.

Coronavirus: US treat 1st patient via robot

23rd of January, 2020

WASHINGTON: To treat the first man who had been hospitalized with the mysterious Coronavirus doctors in USA, doctors are using robot in order to make sure that the virus does not spread.

According to details the infected man (US citizen who had recently returned from a trip to central China) had been admitted to the special pathogens unit in a hospital in Everett here on Monday 20th of January, 2020.

According to the section chief of infectious diseases at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, Dr George Diaz, the infected man was in a satisfactory condition. Commenting on the treatment by means of a robot he told that he had sat outside a window of the room to operate the robot that was equipped with a camera, microphone and stethoscope.

Pakistan braces against mysterious Coronavirus that claimed 17 lives

22nd of January, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Ministry of National Health Services (NHS), Regulations & Coordination on Wednesday (22nd of January) alerted the Disease Surveillance Division & Central Health Establishment to the possible spread of the mysterious strain of Coronavirus that has claimed 17 lives & affected 540 people in China & some other regions of the world.

Mysterious SARS-Like Coronavirus surfaces in USA

WASHINGTON: Authorities here have confirmed on Tuesday (21st of January, 2020) US’s first case of the mysterious  Coronavirus  that had so far taken nine lives in China.

According to Federal and State Officials, the affected man, in his thirties, is presently in good condition. He has approached the concerned authorities himself after reading about the symptoms of virus.

State Health Official Chris Spitters informed that the infected man was currently hospitalized out of an abundance of precaution, and for short term monitoring, not because there was severe illness. Nancy Messonier, Senior Official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) while stressing that the overall risk to Americans remained low maintained: “This is an evolving situation and again, we do expect additional patients in the US and globally.”

WHO is holding an emergency meeting today to determine whether to declare a rare global public health emergency over the disease, which has also been detected in Thailand, Japan and South Korea and Taiwan. USA is joining countries around the world in ramping-up measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Six people die of mysterious Coronavirus in China

21st of January, 2020

BEIJING: Chinese authorities have informed here today that so far six people have died due to respiratory illness caused by Coronavirus outbreak.

Although the origin of this mysterious virus has yet to be determined, according to WHO the source is most likely animal. Chinese health authorities have linked the outbreak to a seafood market in Wuhan.

It is pertinent to mention here that an enormous number of people are presently travelling for the Lunar New Year holiday and health authorities fear that infection rate might surge.

Confirming that 15 medical staff have now been infected, health authorities  proclaimed that the mysterious virus could turn into international pandemic prompting airport authorities around the world to step up screening of travelers arriving from China.

While National Health Commission (NHC) put the number of confirmed cases at 291 by the end of Monday, WHO had called a meeting tomorrow (22nd of January, 2020) to consider declaring an international health emergency. | YouTube Channel

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